Friday, November 6, 2009


This morning the tile guy came to start the tile in the front entry. The sub floor had too much deflection in it when he came out yesterday. He was afraid the grout lines would crack if we had him put the tile on the sub floor with the way it was. So Dan and Mike worked at anchoring it better, in the afternoon so it was ready for when Scott came this morning. I couldn't take the dust anymore so I started cleaning last night I washed the wood floor, vacuumed, and dust in the living area....... For it to be a complete washout, as when the sub floor was getting prepared they needed to clean it off, obviously, so he swept without having plastic up.....needless to say I have to do it ALL again. In addition to the rest of the house, boy does this fine dust travel ~ EVERYWHERE! I sat and cried as there is only so much a person can take. I want to rip my eyes out as they itch so bad, my mouth is dry and I have a taste of dust all the time. YUM :( I can only hope that all this doesn't effect Danny's respiratory system. I was definitely overwhelmed this afternoon as I took a look at my white powdered home, cried alil, and now I'm in GO MODE to get rid of the problem! Dan took Avrianna up North with him as she and I need a much needed break from each other, just 7 year old DRAMA, so I decided to take out all my frustrations and free time to clean this weekend. YA ME............NOT :( But it's a necessary evil that must be done, as I must be allergic to it and I'm afraid if Danny breathes this in too much longer we are going to have BIGGER problems then my house being dirty. I tried calling around for a maid to come over, but over course none of them could come over today, so......... I locked Danny and myself in his room, started at the ceiling, and worked my way down. One room done and many more to go! I'm starting with the bedrooms and then I'm going to leave ALL the doors closed so this MAJOR dust problem hopefully doesn't get so OUT OF CONTROL. Just call me MERRY MAID!
This was posted on Facebook and the story is so touching. Please help Noah have the best Christmas EVER : (friend of a friend) has a 5 yr old son Noah. He is in the last stages of a 2 1/2 yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. The family is celebrating Christmas next week and Noahs request is to get lots of Christmas cards. Lets get him some, please send cards to: Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountian Viewcircle South Lyon,Mi 48178 Lets see how many cards we can get to this little guy. To read more click HERE
We are flying our flag at half mast. So very sad about the Fort Hood shooting. My thoughts n prayers go out the the wounded and the family of our fallen heros. My step brother and his wife are stationed there but were not injured, phew! I truely believe that we NEED to stop being so concerned about fixing other countries when we have ALOT to fix right here in our own.

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Thanks for helping to spread the word about Noah. You ROCK :-) Matt Bacak