Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season!

My lil Man aka the great hunter caught himself pneumonia, AGAIN! Poor thing breathes as if he just got done running a race in the water. His trache acts like a coffee pot perculater or a sling shot (depending if hocks a loogey at you, lol). So we started up breathing treatments, increased Mr Jiggles, and he's on an antibiotic (plus he got two shots of rocephin in ER). He wasn't tolerating his bolus feeds yesterday afternoon so I put him on a continuous feed for awhile as I'm sure his gut is going to feel the rath of this illness also. I know the antibiotics are already working there magic, YUCK! I am just AMAZED at how fast this respiratory bug flew in and the strength of it. It can leave any time now, heehee
Dan has been deer hunting up north since last Tuesday so I get to tackle the kids solo. He was able to shoot a spike last Thursday with his bow, but since then the deer have been hiding, heehee. I guess no one (I believe there are 18 at the shack) were able to shoot a deer this year so far. How very disappointing! Where are the DEER!
While I was decorating our new tree upstairs, Avrianna decorated our old tree downstairs. I think she did a FANTASTIC job.
Here's our new tree....12' tall. Guess I wasn't thinking about how many times I was going to need to go UP and DOWN a ladder with a tree this size. But I think it looks wonderful. That will teach Dan to leave us alone for a week, heehee. I think he is going to really like it!
My lil bath Elf's!
We are having Thanksgiving here at the house this year and we are anticipating around 25 people (4 of them that are going to stay over nite). I actually can't wait....the more the merrier. I LOVE to entertain! Just wish Danny would corporate alil more, heehee. It should get alil easier once Dan gets home tomorrow. But if you know me, I'm always on my game when there is alil chaos going on :)
Hope everyone has a filling and thankful Thanksgiving this year. Be safe!

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