Saturday, November 14, 2009

Catching UP

Well the remodel project is slowly wrapping up, thank GOD! Just when I think it's safe to start cleaning something else needs to be redone. For the most part I have the house picked up but I am having someone come in on Tuesday to get all the dust out of the house. I'm sick of doing it! Today the tile guy came out to replace two tiles, one that had a chip and the other was flawed. I think after today I can say that my floor is complete :). The walls are up but they need another coat of paint. Then the trim and the doors can go back up.
I ended up having to take Danny into the ER last Sunday as he was still having his pain/seizure episodes. After xrays, labs, cathing, an IV placed and 4.5 hours later they couldn't find anything "abnormal" so we went home. The next morning I went to get him cleaned up for the day and there was blood in his ear. Um ~ I guess no one looked into his ears when he was in the ER or they would have found a nasty ear infection. Could this be the drive to his seizures, ya, but time will tell. We've been flushing his ears and doing drops which seem to have helped as the drainage has slowed down alot. We did increase his seizure meds some to take the edge off, but he still has about one episode a day, which just breaks my heart to see.
Avrianna had her conferences this week. She is doing GREAT! I'm so glad she transitioned really well into school and that she was able to stay in the second grade. I knew she would do amazing! She continues to stay busy doing swim on Mon, Tues, Thurs and some Fri's and then Wed she still has piano. I try to give her a day off and we usually don't go to swim on Friday's.
Dan is very busy getting ready for the hunting season. So I'll be a single mom for the next few days. I hope to get some more of my Christmas shopping done :) and even some wrapping. I'm so behind!

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