Friday, March 7, 2014

What's in store

Well I jinxed Danny.  I KNOW BETTER!!  We found that Danny DID indeed have ANOTHER bout of C Diff and then we found more bacteria growth in his trache in addition to his bladder.  WTH is going on here ~ Can you say petri dish!!  Once I was able to talk with Dr Kasper I was feeling alil better.  I found out that bacteria found in his trache has been there since the last culture....would have been nice to tell MOM, so I don't freak out about it.  So we are not treating his trache issues as he isn't symptomatic.  It is starting to get alil unnerving with seeing Danny having bouts of infections back to back now.  I can only hope that this time around once he's clear he will be infection free for awhile.
He's urology Ultrasound has good reports as his one stone/diverticulitis has not grown.  It will not "move" around in his kidney as it has grown within the kidney tissue so that's one thing we don't have to worry just to make sure it doesn't grow.  With the more common bouts of UTI's that Danny is continuing to have we had to get more aggressive with Cathing him and emptying his bladder more.  Even though I HATE having to cath him I have seen Danny to be more comfortable with having an empty bladder so I need to get beyond the issues I have with it, if Danny does better.  He now has a foley cath in over nite and seeing that is in for about 12-13 hours, then we only have to straight cath him once in the middle of the day.  So I guess it works out for the better as that's less cathing during the day.
I think the antibiotics and cathing are working ... he has been more alert, in less discomfort and look at this SMILE.  He definitely can turn a day around with the smile.  Look even some teeth!!  He's even helping by holding his feeding his syringe ~ Way to go!!
Maybe he'll even enjoy our up coming vacation.......Shhhhhhh he doesn't know about it yet.  I am "armed" this time around and we are bring one of our nurses along.  Poor Gail is going to be SO SICK of us after being cooped up in the RV with The Osero's for 10 days.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  We are going to be heading south to Texas to enjoy some warm weather.  Lets just hope it doesn't snow like it did last year when we went to Texas.  LOL

How Ironic....It's MS Awareness Month/Week

And I had to start BIG Dog IV Steriods to try and calm down the relapse I've found myself in.  UGH!  So it looks like I have a bumble bee on my chest.  This is how they access my med port.  A needle that goes into the port from in my chest.  The port lines run internally and is threaded up with the vein right by my heart.  Easy access usually one poke and it has a great blood return.  YAY!
I have to go into the hospital outpatient clinic for about 1.5 for 5 days to get my infusion. 

My meds......holy hell no wonder my system is all over the place  1000mg of steroids running in my veins each day for 5 days!!  This is a HUGE dose!!  Once off the IV I will start an oral steroid tapper.  I hope I get this MS crap in check for our vacation.  As of right now unfortunately I haven't seen ANY benefit, sigh.  Fingers crossed!!  

 It's scary seeing MS popping up more back to back and not going away completely once it showed up.  Hmmmmm ~ I hope it doesn't progress into a different stage of MS.

Today I was multitasking.  While getting my infusion I went up to visit my niece on the birth floor.  She is only 30 weeks along with a lil baby boy and yesterday she started pre term labor. EEEEEP!  She's on bed rest and they are doing everything to stop the progression in hopes he stays inside and bakes alil more.  I brought her up some food, movies, and health n beauty was nice to visit with her.  I hope my experiences with Avrianna being a preemie and Danny....well being Danny I can give her some insight when she wants it.   Praying for them!  It was an honor and SO COOL that she let me go to the ultrasound with her today.  That was amazing ~ Boy have things changed since my last u/s when Danny was in the womb.
Look at this cute lil thing....of course she would be the lil cute pregnant one of the family.  30 weeks and she doesn't even look pregnant.  NOT FAIR!!  LOL
Tomorrow I get to go back to visit :)  while I get my last day (I hope it will be) of IV steroids.

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