Thursday, March 20, 2014

And So it Will Be

 Danny's runner, Annie, ran in her first 2014 race in honor of Danny this last weekend.  We are SO PROUD of Annie!  She ran a PR (personal best) at this race.  WOW ~ how cool that on the first race she is already breaking records.  She's AMAZING!  We are so blessed that our paths crossed and she is apart of Danny's Life.  Run Annie Run ... we will be there cheering you on ALL THE WAY!

 Yay ~ My book came in the mail.  I can't wait to dive in and get some ideas n direction to help control my MS with diet.  I am so glad I am done with the steroids, now sit and wait to see if they helped.  As of yet, I haven't seen an improvement and might even say I'm worse as I have had a headache now for over 2 weeks right along with all the same relapse symptoms I've had.  Boy I hope this book has some good insight.

Happy St Patrick's Day From The Osero's Kiddos and Fur Babies

Yes it snowed again.  Thankfully most of the snow has been melting around here.  You can actually see more grass then snow now....Maybe
Spring will is be here soon.  This next week its suppose to still be below normal temps.  We are going to be seeing 20-30 instead of the 40's we should be seeing :(

We were ready for our Spring Break trip to San Antonio TX, all that was left was to put all the piles of stuff, that we had laying around the house, into the RV and then we were OFF.  Well that was the plan until I happened to check the forecast one more time and found the weather to be NOT in our favor with rain and cold temps the whole week.  UGH!!!  So Dan and I decided to change our plans and go somewhere else.  It's so nice to be able to change our plans just like that.  We looked and looked but it looked as if the front was going to go right through the southern states and bring cooler temps along with rain most of the week, sigh.  Maybe we should just keep the schedule we had....we'd sleep on it as we still had a day before we were to leave.  Yeap 1 day left and we still weren't sure where we were going, that's how we roll.  
Yesterday morning started VERY early for me as Danny must have gotten word that we were leaving for vacation as he .... 
you guessed it
After much debating we decided to cancel our trip.  So chalk another cancelled Osero vacation in the books.  So disappointing, but definitely the right decision as today Danny continues to struggle even more with this cold.  Avrianna too has had a cold.  So for Spring Break fun we get to have 2 sick kids staying home, trying to get better.  Tis the season for COLDS and there is a surplus of junk going around the community.  
Dan stopped at the wine store and now we have a stocked wine rack once again.  Just in time for our in home Spring Break fun :)  Well Mom is ALL SET!!

Like I said Danny is struggling with this "virus".   I was worried this morning as his numbers weren't bouncing back like they should after all his cares and treatments.  Thankfully we have the most awesome pediatrician and he came into the clinic on his day off to check his lil friend out.  The xrays looked clean,  labs looked good, and we were on our way home with more of a peace of mind that he just needs alil more support to get through this illness and we are doing everything right.  His system is slowing down (bring on the dysautonmia) as he's recovering so his gut is slower to digest and his GI is slower to push things out.  We've seen more dysautonomic storms today which is no surprising, but just wish he'd didn't have to go through them.  The storm look just like grand mall seizures :(  I think he's poor lil body is going through enough that he doesn't have to deal with those too. 

Just SICK :(
My hope is Av will feel better soon and we can do some fun stuff during Break.  My plan is to take her to Wisconsin Dells at one of the indoor water parks and then to the mall that is there.  We did do some pampering last nite as Av and I went and got our toes done.  
First Day of Spring.....Thinking happy thoughts.  Wising all a healthy spring.  Thanks for following us!

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