Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break

Well Spring Break definitely didn't go as planned for us, but we are together and that's whats important.  Part of me is sad that we didn't go to Texas as I was looking forward to warmer weather and sight seeing.  But the other part is so glad we didn't go because it would have been a very stressful "vacation".  It's nice to not have to be crazy busy....On Monday I had thought to myself what do we have in store for us today, and then I realized we were suppose to be on vacation so there is NOTHING planned for the day.  No Dr appts, no therapies, no NOTHING :)
For the most part it's been pretty lazy around here.  Danny's still trying to recover and heal from his cold/virus thing.  He's been sleeping ALOT.  We are lucky if we see the whites of his eyes for more then 3-4 hrs a day.  As long as he is getting better, that's ok.  He didn't need to be inpatient so I count my blessings and lucky stars.
Avrianna had a sleepover on Sunday nite, But other then that you can find her watching some tv show or movie.  Now that she is home she was excited that she was going to be able to Milwaukee for Dive practice twice this week.  They made for long evenings for her as they left around 345 and didn't return till about 930.  She doesn't care she loves it!
I have been somewhat of a couch potato.  Reading my book and watching movies.  This 3.5 week headache is really taking a toll on my ambition.  Sucks, but whatcha going to do.
Dan is .... well Dan.  He's busy all the time, there is always something for him to do.  Seeing we didn't go to TX he now can finish up the additions to the Oshkosh Laundry.  He is adding more dryers to the store.  About 2 weeks ago he added more washers there also.  The store should be plum full with machines.  It's nice to see how busy that place is ALL THE TIME.  He has managed to find himself on the couch to watch a movie here n there so that in it self is a vacation for him.
Tomorrow early AM I am off to Wisconsin Dells to the Kalahari indoor Water and Theme park with Avrianna and my nephew Tyler.  They should have a blast!  I am going to bring a book find a chair and relax.  We are going to spend the night in the dells and then do some sight seeing and shopping on Saturday.  So Dan is on Danny duty for the evening...wish them luck.
Thanks for checking in on us.  I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break!  Back to reality on Monday :)

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