Thursday, April 10, 2014

Springing Ahead

Our Spring Break to WI Dells at the Kalahari Resort was a blast.  The kids had alot of fun. Here are some photos of the day ~
Wow have these two grown :)
 How cool is this!!
 First ride is the water roller coaster

 Then it was onto the next big ride.  This one they stand on a drop door in the floor and then all of sudden the door opens and wham you are free falling in this water tube, EEEEeeeek!  Avrianna LOVED it, of course

 I was able to sit back enjoy a couple drinks and read my book ~
 They had a tons of great things to eat :)
 It was back n forth from the indoor water park to the indoor theme park
Lazer tag....I think they did this about 5 times :)
 3D Lazer game
 They Placed
 She made it all the way to the top!!

 The rope climb....scary!!
 Back in the pool ~ Can you find them?  I'm sitting at our table so I had a great view of the Wave pool
 Again back to the theme Park ~
Doing a Lazer maze.  They had to get from one side of the room without touching any of the lazer beams

My niece Whitney had her baby boy on ..... April 1st.  At first I didn't believe my sister when she texted me a photo of a baby at 5:30am.  I don't care what time it is, your not pulling the wool over my eyes, HA!  Well she got me as it was real.  Ethan Matthew Griffin was born at 2:43am weighing in at 4lbs 11oz and 17.5".  He's adorable!  I haven't been able to "SEE" him in person as he is in the NICU and with the bugs going around they are not allowing anyone to visit but the parents n grandparents.  So I have to wait, impatiently I might add, to meet this lil sweetheart.  He is doing amazing and it looks like he's going to be going home possibly this Friday which is awesome as his due date wasn't till May 12th.  Way to GO, Ethan!

It the year of boys around here as Danny's Nurse just found out she's having a boy too :)

Sunday we celebrated my Grandma's 80th bday.  I had the honor of making the cake.  She was the one that got me started in making cakes back when I was a kid.  We were able to get some updated generation photos at the party.
The BIG ONE ~ 6th generations, unfortunately Danny wasn't at the party so he is missing but there in spirit and Baby Ethan will replace the baby doll that Great Great Great Grandma NaGreen (101) is holding.  How amazing is that!!  Age range 101 - 1 week
 Me and Grandma Bev with her cake :)
 Here is the 5 generations of ladies on my side
 and 5 generations of ladies on my sisters

Avrianna completed her 1st year of Brigade.  She really enjoyed being there :)  At the awards banquet she was awarded many patches due to hard work throughout the season.  Now onto next year.  She is still going to be at in the building 2x a week till the end of the month as she is taking a Hunters Safety course.  Plus she is going to the week long Camp for Brigade this summer.
Award Nite!

Gunner got his Spring "Do" ....looks like a whole new dog ~

Here is Avrianna's first real practice at the platforms with Coach Todd at Schroeder in Brown Deer, WI.  She absolutely LOVES it.  So I am trying to get down to Milwaukee (Brown Deer) once a week to get her some practice.  Avrianna plans on competing in her next meet in May on the platforms :)

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