Friday, October 4, 2013

Shutdown n Chaos

As Dan has put it......."There is something in DC we are not suppose to see".  Due to the government shutdown there are many of the sites we were planning on seeing that are now closed.  What is the point in going if we can not see what DC all has to offer.


It's Crunch time and I'm going to start to plan for a different vacation. I had really thought that 3 times was going to be a charm.  This is the 3rd time I have had to cancel this trip.  Avrianna was really looking forward to going to DC and New York.  I have to say I was pretty excited about going also, who wouldn't want to see The White House, the museums, monuments, 9/11 memorial, Statue Of Liberty and all the other fun things to do.   I had thought about holding out alil longer to see if the government was going to open before we were scheduled to go, but with all the crazy things going on in DC....I don't think I want to take any chances.  Yesterday a woman drives through a gate with her baby in the car at the capital and was shot I see a man set himself on fire at the National Mall.

What is our world coming too?!?

I have been looking into going on a cruise.  I know Avrianna would LOVE it and how awesome would it be to celebrate you bday on a ship. I personally love cruises, the food, the entertainment, the travel, the views, and the relaxation....but I'm alil apprehensive with all the issues lately with cruises.  I'm not so much worried about me, but it's Danny.  We've gone on cruises before, but none since being trache/vent dependent.  When we are dependent on electricity it's alil unnerving to know that we could potentially be surrounded by water and be royally screwed.  I have to look at everything in a different way and make sure that things run smoothly.  There is NO OPTION of NOT having electricity we can NOT wing it.  I'm hoping to have an idea of what we are going to do by the beginning of next week.

Yesterday Mr Danny decided to throw up curve ball....and started bleeding out of and around his trache in addition to out his gtube.  I've never seen him do this before.  Alarming as it was seeing blood coming out of areas that should not, I didn't feel he was in any "danger" as his sats and vitals were all looking good.  I did send an email down to CHOW letting his Dr's know as I didn't want them to have any surprises on Tuesday for his leg surgery.  Well that blew up in my face and they instructed me to head to the ER asap.  I kind of dragged my feet about it as the bleeding wasn't getting any worse and everything still looked good vitals wise, then I got a phone call (well multiple calls) asking why I wasn't at the hospital yet.  I was trying to blow them off, but after the 4th call in 15 minutes.... I caved.  Off to the local ER we went
Gtube blood residual
 Suction catheter full of blood
We were there about 3 hours.  They were busy and we had to wait for a room.  We were lucky and got a Nurse and Dr that was familiar with us already.  It was, for an ER visit, very nice.  They did a chest Xray and everything looked good there.  They also ran some blood work....all came back pretty normal :)  The only one that was elevated was his PTT (clotting factor) but not by much.  I've seen it much higher.  After the ER Dr talked with the powers that be in CHOW we were released to go HOME :)  Obviously if he was to start bleeding more we were to go back, but I was VERY HAPPY to be going home.  

Well not straight home.......

I was able to make it, just in time, to Avrianna's school conferences.  She is doing fantastic!  I'm so proud of her.  Her teacher is very impressed with her attitude, leadership, and academic level.  6th grade is doing great for her.  I hope the rest of the year continues as it's started.

This morning Avrianna and Dan went up to the "shack" to Avrianna's first Youth Hunt.  I can't wait to hear how things went.  Unfortunately the weather isn't suppose to be very cooperative for them which is alil disappointing, but I know they will have fun regardless and I know they will be making some wonderful memories.  They both have been very diligent on preparing for this weekend and BOTH are VERY excited.  There is a trail camera looking over their area and it's definitely having some "action" with deer and even a bear decided to come in and check it out.  The Bear even found the camera and wanted to take it away with him, EEEKK!!  Wishing Avrianna all the hunting mogo!!  I will post pics of her hunt, prayers she gets one :)

Danny has chilled out with the bleeding today and has been relaxing in his net swing.  It's a cold and wet weekend here also, so I for see it to be a movie kinda weekend :)
 Danny wishes all a wonderful weekend!!

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