Saturday, October 26, 2013

One "hell" of a Cruise

Cruising with children (and husband,lol)  is......well let's just say there is never a dull moment. It was a very trying vacation for me, but I survived.

Where to start?

Where else.... The beginning!  Sit back and enjoy. I will post photos later as I'm blogging on my phone. Photos are alil more difficult. If there are some spelling errors I apologize as these key pads are so darn small.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The day before we were to leave Mr Danny found himself a cold.

Surprising .... Not really.

Seeing it was just a cold and his fever broke right away we forged ahead with our vacation plans.

We left on last Friday to head FL bound for some fun in the sun on a Carnival Cruise, the ship Ecstasy, leaving from Port Canaveral.  We stopped about 10 miles down the road to fill up the gas tank. That's where Dan noticed a tire seemed alil low. So we head back home to get a gauge and check it out. Thankfully it was just his eyes playing a trick on him and we've dodged our first crisis on another Osero Vacation.


We took our time getting there as there was no rush seeing we didn't have to embark on the ship till Monday at 12:30pm.   Danny had me up multiple times through the nites with lots of suctioning. It was then and there that I knew sleep was going to be optional for me.

We got to the port early which was so nice to not be rushed. The staff and security were amazingly nice!!  We were on the ship in no time and anxiously waiting to start cruising.  We dropped off our carry on bags in our cabin .... It was HUGE!  It was a handicap accessible grand suite with huge bathroom and our own balcony.


Then it was back up on the lido to watch the ship leave port... Drinks in hand :). Unfortunaly for whatever reason there must have been an issue as we left 3.5 hrs late. No worries we went down to dinner and got a window seat so we still were able to watch. We had Open seating time this cruise instead of a scheduled time and I have to say it will be the only option for us when we cruise again. We can walk in anytime between 5:45-9pm. Again the dining staff was - AMAZING!  They were so accommodating to out needs AND they treated Danny like the King he is and Always talking too him. It warmed my heart :). Everywhere we went Avrianna was called Princess she thought that was cool. I think she just loved talking to everyone so she could hear there accents.

The first nite on the ship we are were all too tired to go to any shows so it was off too bed.  As the nite before we decided to leave the windows open because the weather was so nice out....well that wasn't the smartest thing to doin a truck stop with the air breaks from the semis driving through and our neighbors generator belt was squealing something nasty.  So it was off to bed for us.

The next day the ship ported in Freeport Bahamas. We didn't get off the ship. We just hung around the lido deck. Avrianna swam in the pool, which was salt water so it wasn't her favorite. Then it was off to the water slide for her. It was called the twister, about 3 stories high, and some of the tube even twisted off the ships side.


After awhile she was bored with that and was frustrated not having anyone to play with that she knew, sigh. Times like these it just SUCKS that her brother can't at with her. I tried to get her play with some of the kids on the ship but for whatever reason she wouldn't open up to any kids. Ugh!  So there was some whining which in turn gets someone's blood boiling .... I had to threaten both of them to KNOCK IT OFF or I was not going to throw them off I was going to jump. Lol!!  Those 2 are SO MUCH alike it's sad....for me, lol. The apple didn't fall from the tree :). It's so much more noticeable when they are together for long periods if time.

That Nite was formal wear to dinner. We were dressed for success. We clean up nicely I do have to say:). About 2 hrs if being dressed up and Danny was not having it anymore. At the show he got all upset, spiked a fever, started breathing rapidly, and dropped his oxygen sats. Did I tell you we didn't bring the O2 on board, ugh. It took me all nite to get him settled down, but once settled he slept (with ok sats) till 1pm on Wednesday Wednesday morning we found ourselves next to alil island called Half Moon Cay. It's breath taking! I found out that the island is owned by Carnival :). The population is between 33-36 and will drop down to 25 - wow. The ship can not dock at the island so the ship gets as close as it can and then the island sends tender boats to bring people back an forth. Avrianna and I had an excursion on the island and seeing it wasn't safe to get Danny off the ship so Dan was on Danny duty. It was nice that Danny slept in for him. On the island Avrianna and I went horseback riding on the beach. It was wonderful! We rode on the beach and trails for about 2-3 miles and then we hit the ocean. Yeap - we ran....raced the horses in the water. They were pretty much submerged as just the horses neck and head were out of the water. It was fun and scary at the same time. It was hard to hold on as the horses didn't have foot stirrups and we sat on a pad that just had ranes. Not to mention it was windy do the water was very choppy. Avrianna had a blast! I don't think she would have minded if I left her there for the day to ride and chit chat withe the tour guides. They were all from Jamaica mon. So they always said "hey mon" and Avrianna got a kick out of that. Plus they too all called her Princess :). It was back to the ship to check on the guys and have a late lunch. Dan and Danny did great. I was able to get Danny into the shower for the first time while on the ship, that was alil challenging, but you know me bring it On! Seeing we had a late lunch we passed on going to dinner. Thursday - Happy 11th BIRTHDAY AVRIANNA. The ship was ported in Nassau. Infortunately our birthday excursion to go parasailing was cancelled due to rain and, winds, and rough water. So that was pretty disappointing but we tried to make the day fun anyways. Did I tell ya there was a mini golf course on the very top deck :). There was lots if sweets and of course ice cream that we ate. At dinner the wait staff sang "happy burfday" to her and gave her and extra dessert. That isn't a typo, with their accents it sounds more like burfday then birthday. It was great! I had order to have our cabin decorated up so when we got back from dinner there were banners and streamers all over. Friday was a whole day at sea. We started to get our things in order and pack a few things up. I wanted to get Danny in the shower again in the morning so we could sit Back and relax the rest of out vacation day. I even had a massage up in the spa. It was amazing! There was a mix up with the schedule and I ended up being late, with the Lack of sleep I darn near broke down if that gives an idea how hightened my frustrations with having no sleep and tending to a sick lil boy :(. Thankfully I was able to get out and have some ME time and enjoy some pampering. Saturday we were up early to be ready and out of our cabin before 8:30. We got off the ship again with empeckae service and we were on the road by 9:45am. Wow! With hoc long the lines were I thought we'd be there all day. Since being back on the road Mr Danny has had the bed sat numbers I've seen all week ... What a shit! Well at least his happy and hopefully feeling better. Avrianna is on a serious movie marathon so I haven't seen of heard much of he zoo far. I'm not sure how far we are goin to travel to tonite, but I do know we have a lot of driving to doin a short time. Wish us luck! Things don't run smoothly and there are usually bumps in the road. I get overwhelmed and frustrated too. I dont have my shit together all the time either. Looks can be deceiving. I'm human and get frustrated and overwhelmed but in the BIG picture. I am forever grateful to have spent this beatiful vacation with my family. To have both my kids along to make wonderful memories and share experiences with. I would rather dead ass tired taking care of my son then wishing he was there with us.

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