Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Wow - we made it and today is over with. I woke this AM still not knowing when surgery was going to take place today. How stressful for Ms planner, ME. Danny was up at 2 am today, so I didn't get the greatest nite sleep.

Once I got Avrianna off to school it was GO TIME. I didn't have a nurse today.... I thought I did pretty good to get myself and Danny (cares,RT,and a shower) ready and out the door but 9:30. Around 8am CHOW finally called and they thought Danny would go into the OR somewhere between 12-2 so they wanted us there by 11:30.  The traffic was in our favor today and everything was running smoothly.

 We ran into Ms Lisa in the day surgery holding area, she was Danny's primary nurse during the crash of '09 and we just love her :). We were also excited to see a good friend, Andrew - whom I've come to know through being here a ton, was with Danny in the OR room. Andrew is now an anesthesia tech here at CHOW and he was Danny's Lil (really not so lil) guardian angel in the OR. I have to say it rested some of my nerves knowing he was in the room with Danny. Familiar faces make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

They took Danny down to the OR about 1:35 and Ortho, Dr Tassone was first. He was done within an hour, awesome.  Dr Tassone came out to talk with me and he said Danny was a champ. The femur bone spur showed itself pretty easily, he was able to cut the spur off, sand it down, and he covered it in wax in hopes to stop it from growing like this again.  Danny is still growing and so will his bones which means we might have to do this again. Ugh!!  Seeing Danny is already in full blown puberty with high hormone levels the hope is maybe he will stop growing soon on his own.

Then it was ENT, Dr Martin's turn. He performed a Bronc to check out his trachea seeing we've had to up the water volumes in the trache cuff to keep the vent from leaking. In addition to the freak bleeding issue Danny had last week, I think we all wanted to know what is going on down there. After the bronc Dr Martin came out to chat with me. He commented on how easy but difficult Danny can be. Not only did he do the bronc he looked into both of Danny's ears and they both looked good, YAY!  During the bronc he did find some issues......first issue was that his airway kept collapsing which is something new and we are not sure why. Second is there is a large mass (granualnomia) growing under the trache in his trachea. This could have been the culprit to the bleeding last week. Unfortunately it isn't an easy fix, it's pretty extreme - UGH!  The dr stated for now we will just watch it and it could be possibly helping Danny at the moment with the airway collapsing. If he continues to bleed we will have to fix it, if we have to up size his trache we will have to fix it. To fix it, it's just not a matter of going in and snipping off the tissue, NOPE why would it be that easy, NO this fix will require reconstruction of Danny's trachea. Well why not, go BIG or go home ....true Danny style.  For now we wait!  Wait for the new ticking time bomb to go off. Does there  ALWAYS have to be something?  

 Danny was brought up to ICU room 412 to be observed for a day or two. He has been sleeping since they brought him up which means he's comfortable, yay. Hopefully he continues to do great and we can go home soon. He already had Mr Jiggles, only 3 hrs after surgery, and it didn't bother or wake him up :)

Of course I have pictures, but on this network it will not let me post them on the blog. So I will post them once I get home.

 We are 2 doors down from Danny's buddy Thomas so it's nice to have someone to chat with. I hope Thomas gets to bust out of here soon as they have been here, this time around, 28 days so far.

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