Thursday, October 10, 2013

Youth Hunt 2013

We have a Lil Hunter !!
Day 2 of the Youth Hunt and Avrianna's hard work and patience pays off.  She had 2 deer come into the stand, but only had a good shot at this one.  I am so proud of her!!  I wasn't sure how she would do .... as shooting an animal is alot different then shooting targets.  Dan said she did fantastic!  He was so impressed with how serious and attentive she took the hunting.  She has been going up north for many weekends to get things ready for the hunt and she's been practicing diligently with her new gun, 7mm-08.  She is very comfortable with shooting it and boy is she a great shot.  10 out of 12 shots at a target were all in the bullseye area.  


We definitely have one VERY PROUD Dad here. For years it's been an Osero tradition to deer hunt, so for Dan to have one of his children take on the hunter roll...... IT'S AWESOME!!

Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative as it rained ALOT, but she weathered the storm :) She was very enthusiastic to get out there to sit and wait, out every morning around 6:30am.  At times she really would rather have gone back to sit in the warm comfy shack, but the anticipation of a deer possibly walking in kept her attention in the tree stand.

Sitting very patiently and quietly up in the tree stand.
 Around 7am the 2nd day.... she got her first deer.
 So exciting!!
 The first of many I'm sure.  Now she's looking for horns :)  She's already informed Dan that if...when..she gets a buck she wants it stuffed.  Oh Boy!!
She was a trooper and stuck it out with Dan as he field dressed the deer.  She really had no issues with watching Dan,  as Dan says she was very curious as to what each organ was, BUT the noises it makes when cleaning it out kind of tickled her tummy.  Baby steps, but I can bet she will be doing it all on her own eventually.  As that's just Avrianna's style :)
There were 4 different kids at the shack with their dads and Avrianna was the only kid to have harvested an animal.  Avrianna is the youngest female to harvest a deer at The Newwood ~ Hunting "shack".  So Proud!!

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