Friday, September 27, 2013


We have a surgery date!!!  

It's still 2 weeks out, but it's better then January.  Danny will be an "Add-On" on Tuesday Oct 8th.  I do not know what time it will be at, as they will call him in as on add-on on Monday, so I'll have to wait to hear what time.  I just hope n pray it's not early am.  We will be going down to CHOW on the 1st for trache/vent clinic and then afterwards to a pre op appt with Ortho.  I will get more specifics then, like how long of a stay, and what they will actually be doing.  I know they are going back in to cut off the part of the bone that has regrown into a point, but other then that I really don't know details.  Which will drive me NUTS as you all know I'm a planner and a need to know kinda gal.  I'm just happy there is an end in sight to Lil Man's on going pain.  Just band-aiding the issues with meds is NOT our style.  I want it taken care of and NOW.  I'm sure the scheduled Ibuprofen every 6hrs is doing a number on his already jacked up gut.  The sooner we can get it taken care of the better.  But until the surgery I don't see getting rid of Ibuprofen as an option, as when he's due for it you know it.  I'm glad that his pain (for the most part) is being controlled with ibuprofen and repositioning of that leg ~ it's pulled away from the hip and rotated in drawing the tip of the bone away from the pelvis/hip area, without having to go to any bigger dog meds.  I will be asking if they can close the growth plate in the leg so this will not be an issue ever again.  As always the main goal, and even more now, is to keep him comfy and happy.  It will be awhile before he is back in his stander, but I don't think he minds chilling out in his swing for the time being :)

I signed Danny up to be matched up with a runner, to run 4 him.  He was matched!!
 This is Annie and she lives in Indiana.  She is going to run for Danny, and we are going to inspire and cheer her on along the way.  We are very excited !!

 Go Annie GO!!!

I have to gloat alil!!  I have been doing the Focus T25 workout along with Shakeology and my detoxing everyday now for 1.5 weeks....boy is it a workout.  But I am already seeing results!  I went to the Dr today and I'm so impressed.  Since I've started this I've lost 4lbs already, but most importantly I've lost inches.  About 1" all over (ea thigh, arm, my waist) but the most loss I've seen so far is in my chest........2" is gone!!  It's so rewarding to actually see the hard work I'm doing paying off.  I can't wait to see what I'm going to be like when the 10 week program is over with.  Hubba Hubba!!  I did take BEFORE photos which I'll save for later to show.  I'm not that secure yet, but I'm anxiously waiting to see what the AFTER photos will look like.

I am going to Oktoberfest tomorrow with my Mom in the am.  I can't wait to look at all the artzy fartzy stuff they have there.  We are going to get there early so we can see what everyone has.  Last year I found so pretty neat things..... I wonder what I'll find this year.  Good thing Dan is up North, heehee.

Avrianna went up north with him to get ready for next weeks Youth Hunt, so it's just me and my Lil Man :)  Going to do some cuddlin and move watchin in bed with him later.  He, or maybe it's me, loves snugglin in his bed.  He's got the best bed in the house.  The whole mattress is memory foam, its a hospital bed, and it has a massage feature.  Oh Yeah!!!
While Avrianna is gone I'm going to be doing some serious fall cleaning in her bathroom, closets, and bedroom.  Everything is coming out, but NOT everything is going back.  It will be so nice to be able to go through everything without her micromanaging all the things she thinks she "NEEDS" to keep.  This way she won't even know it's gone,

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh - don't tell!!

Well I hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for stopping by to check up on us.

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