Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bump in the road

"A Mother understands what her child doesn't say"

Just when you think you have an issue taken care of......

It is NOT!!

Danny has been in alot of discomfort, as I stated in the last few posts.  Well we once again went to the Dr's to do some "hunting"...this time with xrays.

This is a photo of his right hip/femur after his girdlestone procedure (where they cut off the head of the femur to alleviate his hip from dislocating), a couple years ago.
(It's backwards) ~ but here is the xray from yesterday.  As you can see the top of the femur is no longer flat, but it has now grown out into a sharp point. 
Of course the Ortho Dr/Surgeon is out of town this week, so we are going to keep him comfortable until we can get a game plan when the Dr returns.  I talked with his PA today and she told me that the Dr is already aware of the issues at hand with Danny so at least he can brain storm alil.  I'm going to assume that there is going to be a surgery in Danny's near future.  
There are two issues that are going on with this ~
1. the femur bone has migrated up due to the shorten muscle in his leg and 
2. the bone has regrown UP (and into a point) from where it was cut off.  
There is alot of clunking and crying when moving his right leg or knee.  I'm not sure if the knee is a separate issue or if it ties in with the leg/bone.  Once we talk with the Dr maybe he can shine some light on the situation.  But for now comfy is our main goal!!


So we see alot of this face :( 
 Pulling at the heart strings!!

 Here are his scoliosis xrays that we took yesterday too.  Amazing how much this lil boy has endured in his 9yrs of life.  He is my HERO!!  What a strong lil Man!!  At least his back is healing and doing great from the spinal fusion.
WOW!!  Did you check out those screws?!?  Hell ~ did you check out all that hardware?!?

Today marks my last year in the 30 something range.  Yea it's my bday!  It's been a great day.  Danny has been pretty comfortable, I got some beautiful yellow roses, went out for breakfast, started a new workout (Focus T25), and got a banana cream pie :)  (kinda throws the workout out the window, but I can't say NO to banana cream pie!!)
Avrianna has a half day today from school, but there is no hanging out with mom as I'm not cool enough.  LOL  She has some friends over and they are playing Wii Dance.  Tomorrow we are going to go out for lunch to the Melting Pot to celebrate our birthdays as Dan's is Friday the 20th.  September is a busy celebration month for us ... our anniversary is on the 8th (it was 12 yrs this year), My bday, Dan's bday, and Bailey (my 4 legged baby) is going to be 13 on the 21st.

I will keep you posted with what the next step is going to be with Danny.  I hope we can get everything taken care of and have him back to a comfy state before our vacation in October.  I've had to cancel this trip 2 times already and I don't think I want to cancel it a 3rd time :(

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