Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Slacker award on blogging......goes to ...... ME :)  We've been busy little bees around here, so if I'm not out doing something I've been just drained tired.
The weather around here continues to be AWESOME!!  We've got the yard work done around here early and what a great feeling it is to know we just need to maintain it now.  The lawn is looking fabulous and is growing like mad.....you will find me on the John Deer more then not lately.  I actually enjoy mowing it as it's 3 hrs of me, the sun, and my music :)  The pots are planted with flowers and everything is looking great.....yesterday I finally saw my first rose bloom, YAY!

If you can't find anyone.....just look in the back.  You'll find them chillaxing :)
It's a ruff life :)
Love these 2 !!

My Mothers Day was WONDERFUL!  It's started off with me sleeping in.  Boy was that fantastic!  Then I worked at getting ready for my family to come over for a cookout :)  Dan prepared twice baked potatoes, bacon wrapped tenderloin, and corn on the cob..... YUM ~ We were spoiled!!  Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day, but also my nephews Birthday.  Happy 10th Birthday Tyler!!
  I made him a lego cake :)
My sister brought her new puppy that they rescued from a puppy mill while they were in Florida.  She is a DOLL and she has a great disposition.  Danny Loves her ~ look she's a perfect fit for his lap :)
Yesterday I got to extend my Mother's Day celebration and I pampered myself at the spa.  3 relaxing hours!  First I went to get my back n neck adjusted, and then it was a massage, facial, hair cut, n a foot soak.  I feel like a million bucks!!  If you can believe it,  I went even shorter with the hair.  I LOVE IT!!
Danny's been soso ~ He's now off all antibiotics and he's been teetering respiratory wise.  He definitely needs a BREAK!! I hope he can stay off the antibiotics for while.  For the most part he is holding his own and not requiring as much "help", so I do think he's heading the in the right direction, BUT we also realize how fast things can certainly turn with him.  Especially with him not totally recovered yet.....he little system has been through the runner the last month and half which makes him just tired and wiped out.   When he gets tired, just like all of us do, he just doesn't try as hard as he should at times.  I can't wait till he is ALL better so we can stop the pin n needles game.  We're still 3 steps forward 1 step back with him.  

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