Friday, May 4, 2012

Capital Chaos

This Tuesday I was a chaperone for the 4th grade class to go to the Capital and the zoo.

 The rooms were just stunning.  How would you like to have a meeting in here?  AMAZING
 The decor is so beautiful ... full of granites, and marbles
 Look at these rooms ~
 And another ~
 The weather held out so we were able to go to the zoo in Madison too.  Unfortunately Avrianna started to have a pain in her side while we were in the Capital so we didn't get to see all of the zoo.  I managed to get her to walk through alil of the front and that's all she could handle.  :( Poor bug ~
 After some rest and some Tylenol she was feeling well enough to participate in the American Idol show on the way home.  I was one of the Lucky judges, lol
 My Lil Singer :)
Today I am chillin out on the couch ...... he consumes me already......what's going to happen when he gets bigger.
Danny still requires some vent time (more then normal) and he is needing a pretty strict respiratory therapy regimen.  There is no getting bored around here.  Tuesday we went down to CHOW for trache/vent clinic.  I have to say I was pretty worried going down.  Sunday he started to trend back to yellow secretions, low sats, and high heart rate.  Danny's sats weren't the best heading down there and I wasn't sure what they were going to say. Both the ENT and the Pulm. believes there is something more going on then just Tracheitis.  If the new abx doesn't help us see an improvement we'll be going down to CHOW inpatient for 1-2 days and get him set up on IV meds.  I'm hoping this new abx med kicks the funks butt so we don't have to go.  The Pulm. feels Danny's respiratory issues are 'more' then pulm.  Her theory is due to the severe brain damage and location this just another stage of his brain injury 'progression'.  This was hard to hear to say the least, but he's shown Dr's to be wrong before.   We are waiting to hear back about getting Danny in for Allergy testing and start some allergy shots.  I hope n pray that this will give him some relief and allow him to get better.  Please keep him in your thoughts n prayers that he starts to turn around and get back to the sassy Lil Boy we all know n love.

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