Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Camera Craze

Well you ALL know me and my OCD with Pics ~ So I though I'd share some of the last weeks moments.  I just love pics ~ you can look back at the memories.  I know all too well how fast things can change and I don't wont to forget or miss out on any memories. 
 We never know what the next moment will bring.  The reality is ~  live life in the now it goes by so quickly.

"A" having a blast in the pool with her friends

 She is also my poser.  So one night we had some fun with my phone ~ wow is she growing up and becoming a beautiful young girl.  I Love Her!!

 So I HAD to have a day with Danny :)  I'm so glad I was able to get some pics with him out of his wheelchair and off the vent.  What a Handsome young boy ~ Love you Lil Man

Please Don't take a breathe for granted ~ It comes so hard for him. There are too many vivid reminders that Danny also is just a heartbeat, breathe, or a seizure away from death.

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