Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dive Meet

Avrianna had her first dive meet this Saturday in Milwaukee.  Dan and I were able to drive down and see her first set of 6 dives.  AMAZING!!  This girl is a GREAT diver.  Here are her 6 dives we were able watch.  She is the lil one on the high dives in the back.  Keep in mind she only had 5 (yes 5) DAYS of diving off the high dive before this meet.  Avrianna is the youngest diver that Fox Valley Dive had to ever compete :)
Forward Dive Tuck
Back Dive Pike

Back Somersault Tuck

Reverse Dive Pick

Reverse Somersault Tuck

Inward Somersault Tuck

Her best scores were on the high dive ~  she has no fear.  What amazing Girl I have :)  Way to Go Avrianna!!
In the high dive events she placed 5 in her division.  She was the youngest and had the less practice, to the rest of them.  She still managed to get 5th!!  In the 1 meter she placed 7 in her division.  Ribbons all around for her.  Plus standing on this place podium was a highlight :)
One of her dive buddies ~  Hazel placed 1st in her division :)  Way to Go Girls!!
It was a LONG day for her.  Avrianna got up at 4:30am so we could get her to the car pool that was leaving at 5:15am.  Dan n I left once the nurse came to watch Danny.  Once we got there I realized how LONG it was going to be and that Dan and I were not going to be able to stay for the whole competition, I was bummed!  After we saw her first set of dives we took her out for lunch and then we had to head back.  We are so lucky she has an amazing coach and wonderful dive families that helped us out to coordinate this so she could experience her first dive meet.  Avrianna's last dive was at 7:30pm, WOW!  Needless to say she was EXHAUSTED.  She had already fallen asleep in the car pool on the way home and she didn't remember me picking her up or coming home.
I'm so proud of you "A" !!!!!!!!

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