Monday, February 28, 2011

Slow and Steady

Not too much to report over here. I guess that is a good thing :) February was here and gone, wow time flies.
Avrianna is finished with swim for the season. She has decided to not swim in the spring/summer season BUT she will start up again in the Fall/Winter which goes from September to February. There is alil break between now and when spring/summer starts so maybe she'll change her mind....we'll see. She finished doing VERY WELL. Her ribbon board received more ribbons from the last meet she had in Fond du lac. What a wonderful facility that was to swim at. Unfortunately another BIG snow storm hit as we were getting there on Sunday so once we were ready to leave the roads were AWFUL. Fond du lac had already but a towing ban on so IF we were in need of help we'd have to wait it out till after the storm had passed. Thankfully we made it home safe with no issues. Slow n steady :) Avrianna is pretty excited to have some time off. Swim is a BIG commitment with practice 3 times a week and then a meet that takes up one weekend a month so for her to be able to just veg around after school is a blessing for her. Right now Avrianna just has piano on Monday nites so the rest of the week she is "bored" ~ LOL, never a dull moment with that girl. She needs to be busy ALL the time. This weekend I am going along with her Girl Scout troop for a sleepover at the Children's Museum...welcome a late nite with a stiff back in the morning :) Avrianna is EXTRA excited as next Monday her expander is coming off. 6 months of having all that hardware in her mouth. I have to say I'm very proud of her as she really didn't complain about it at all. I know I wouldn't have been such a good trooper about it. I'm not sure how it all works with getting it off and going to the phase 2 which is braces, if the braces will be going on right away on Monday too or not. Of course this too will be something new so she can't wait to get them on....we'll see how excited she is a couple days after the braces are on, heehee. Avrianna is doing AWESOME in school...I'm so proud of her. She placed higher then the ADVANCED bracket for her Math and Reading state testing. WOW, that was a surprise to me for the reading as I had just got a letter in the mail stating she was struggling alil with it.....I think Avrianna does better with the written tests then she does with the oral ones. Yay! And Math well she is a WIZ I don't need to worry about that subject with her. Maybe she needs to be in a class that needs to be challenge her more, I mean higher then Advanced ~ WONDERFUL ~ Way to GO Avrianna! Unfortunately she had to deal with some school bus bullying but for the most part she handled VERY WELL and did what she needed to do and got help with it. She's a tough cookie but boy can kids be's SO SAD that kids have to deal with this at such an early age. I just breaks my heart :( But I'm glad she was smart enough to get help :) And cudos to the school for stepping up and helping her/us to defuse the problems.
Danny continues to be healthy :), I hope I don't screw myself by saying that. Unfortunately he still has ALOT of discomfort in his lower back hip area. I'm hoping that with growing the rods out and having the steriod injection in his hip area it will help with relieving his pain. It's just awful knowing that when I pick him up, change his diaper, or just reposition him that he'll cry. Pulling at the heart strings here :( We are going to have his pre-op done here by his Pediatrician so we don't have to run back down to Milwaukee. We might have to go down the afternoon before surgery to have his PICC line placed. I'm hoping if we do then they can admit him right afterwards so we are in house for the surgery first thing the next morning. It will be less stressful and less traveling for us if it can be done this way. I'm waiting for the Ortho dept to call us back with the details of what's all going to happen. We'll be talking with Danny's Neurologist this month about his "non-seizures" episodes and what is the best way to treat it.
I will be going in to see my Osteopathic doctor this week not only to crack every bone in my back in neck, LOL....but to have injections of steroids and numbing meds in the base of my head. The hope is to get rid of this headache!!! I'm alil nervous about needles going in my head/neck but I'm to the point that I will try anything. Next week I go in for my second dose of the new MS med Tysarbi. I'm so glad I had no reactions to the first treatment, but I still feel uneasy as I know it can have serious side effects down the road :( I have a follow up with my Neurologist in the middle of this month my stuff.
We have planned to go down to Florida for spring break. I am really looking forward to sun, pool time, and getting together with my friends down there. I really miss not being able to go down there for months at a time anymore. This trip is going to be alittle different for us....I'm so excited that Danny's nurses are coming down too. One of them is driving down with us and then flying home.....while the other will fly in and then drive home with us. It's going to be GREAT time!
Well so much for not having too much to report, LOL. Thanks for checking in on us! As always I'll keep you posted :)

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