Friday, February 11, 2011

Striving Ahead

Is the cup half full or is it half empty? Neither are really wrong.....So I chose to teeter between both of these options. But it will NOT be empty!!
Obviously you can tell my "attitude" has changed. Not that my issues have gone away, just that I have had the SHOCK and the feeling of being overwhelmed subside. I always have alot on my plate, that's just how we roll. I have somewhat organized and processed everything in my head so now I can relax....somewhat as I know all too well how fast life can turn you upside down, in a blink of an eye.
With that being said there are many of Danny's lil friends sick in the hospital and a couple of them are fighting for their lives. I ask you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Life can be so unfair. It's at times like this, when reality is right in your face, that you feel as if you hate this life. These innocent, precious, beautiful, strong kids have to fight so hard. . . . and then one day they may be gone. I just breaks my heart!
Danny remains Healthy (knock on wood). I might regret saying this/typing this, as Danny LOVES to throw things at me. BUT this is the BEST winter he's ever had! I believe it's because of the GREAT nursing , not only just the care he gets, but because I don't take him out everywhere all the time anymore. Danny used to be glued to my hip where ever I would go, he would go...and just because he was in wheelchair I didn't let that stop me from going anywhere and everywhere. We did start him on a new med for his Dysautonomia which unfortunately has snowed him so he's been mostly asleep then away the last few days. I am hoping in a week are so his body will have adjusted to the dosage and he'll be more awake. As it's so sad not to see those beautiful blue eyes.
OMG the Packers WON Super Bowl 45. What a nail bitter at the end, but they pulled though.
Danny getting ready for the BIG day.Ready!Well he needed a nap as the excitement was just overwhelming :)
Let's get ready to RUMBLE!WOW ~ how awesome!
I took Danny along with Avrianna's Girl Scout Field trip to one of the local Dentist offices. They all had a blast! What a great time I had just watching them.
Avrianna DDS, Heeheee
I had my first treatment of Tysarbi yesterday. It would be lie if I said I wasn't nervous. But everything went well. I had no issues with the port or reactions to the med. Now to sit and wait to see if it's going to work for me. This could be the start of a new beginning or the start of another end. Half full or half empty? Time will tell! This is what the IV access looks like when connected to my port. Looks like a bug, heehee
I am going to be taking Avrianna to an ALL STAR swim meet for kids 8 & under on Sunday. I can't wait, it should be a "fun" meet. I will let you know how she did. Last nite I got back on the "cool" mom list as I took her to the School Skate Nite at the local roller rink. WOW ~ she really hasn't been on skates a lot but she got that mastered and even managed to win at the skate Limbo.It has been brutally cold here. Today is the coldest day I believe at -24 with the wind chill. Seriously? What the heck am I doing here.......brrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am burning wood in the fireplace like a mad women. Dan then says well then you can't complain when I have to spend more time up north cutting more trees. LOL ~ I LOVE the wood burning fire cozy :)
Thanks again for stopping by to check on us.

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