Thursday, February 17, 2011

Follow up Appt

On Tuesday Danny, Gail, and myself went down to CHOW for a "Fun" filled day of appointments. Ok there is alil sarcasm here, but we did try to make is a "fun" as possible.
Our first appt was to have Danny's spine and hip xrayed so they have a guide line if/when they do the rod lengthening. Once we got up to xray in the ortho dept of course Danny was NOT on the schedule, grrrr. I had multiple email conversations with the dept reassuring me that Danny would be on the schedule so we were to just walk in when we got there. So they had to track down the Dr to be able to put the order in the system. Grrrrr! Luckily we only waited an add'l 20 minutes, the xrays went smoothly, and we weren't late for his second appt :) Yesterday they got back to me with the xray results and the right hip is dislocated, the left looks fine and his spine has started to curve once again, so he is indeed ready for the rod lengthening. It is scheduled for April 1st (no joke). It's suppose to be a day surgery, but we all know Danny (and even the doctors are starting to figure that out) so he is going to be admitted afterwards. I'm not sure how long we'll be there but I'm hoping to be home no later then Monday. Now that might be a stretch but maybe Danny will surprise us for once and this will be a breeze.
Danny's second appt was the trache/vent clinic. This one is a long one, BUT they all come to you, this is SO NICE. We saw a dietitian, respiratory nurse, trache nurse, ENT, and the Pulmonary Dr. There was a few hiccups in the paperwork there, but other then that is was a good visit. We got the "you guys are doing a great job, he looks wonderful, keep doing what you are doing" :) With the exception of the ENT having us come down to his clinic to have Danny's right ear cultured. Danny continues to have goo in the right ear (ALWAYS) so the ENT sucked out what he could with his lil machine and sent it off to be tested. We'll see what Danny is still growing in his ear. Poor Lil Man always has ear issues.
Then from there we had about a 45min lunch break. PHEW! The hospital was starting to smell like food and my stomach was chatting :) Unfortunately this stop to CHOW didn't give us enough time to take a lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, but we did find some cheesecake for dessert, not the same .... but it was good and got rid of our sweet tooth :)
After lunch it was off to Radiology to have his Kidney and bladder looked at with an ultrasound before his appt with the Urologist. The images still show a stone/pocket of goo in his left kidney. BUT it hasn't grown or changed so we are just going to watch it......and see you in a year. Whooo hooo!
Danny's last appt was to have an EKG done. With him being on a new Med for his dysautonomia the doctors wanted to make sure his heart was working properly as Danny has been very sleepy, has a low heart rate n Blood pressure, and has been very cold to the touch. I guess they wanted to make sure it was just the med reactions and not a heart issue too. The EKG has come back normal :) So now, sit and wait to see if his body will process the new med better. We've had to decrease the dosage once already.....which I do see his blue eyes more in doing that, BUT in turn he is having more "eposides". Sigh! Can't anything go easy?!?
By this time Gail and I are just loopy and ready to call it a day. Even though it ran smoothly our brains were was a LONG day.
We did go up and visit our Friend Karen. Please keep her daughter Kylee in your thoughts n prayers as she is fighting for her life. Everyday is a challenge for her and we can only hope n pray that things start to turn around so they can go home and be with their family, happy n healthy. Before we left we HAD to stop over in the cafe' to get Sundaes ..... yes ~ we HAD too, LOL.
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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Phew, what a long day! It sounds like things are good for the most part with Danny! :)