Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Expander n Braces

It's all about the teeth on Monday... our dog Bailey went in to the vet for surgery to have a rear tooth that cracked extracted. She did wonderful during the procedure and was able to come Monday afternoon.
Avrianna went in to the orthodontist to have her expander with tongue thrust bracket removed. And here it is...WOW. That was all in her mouth. She was a trooper the to have that in her mouth for 6 months. She did alot better then I would have :)
Look nothing in there :)

All SMILESAnd on to phase 2 ~ Braces! Almost all on. She will have to have these on for approx a year.
All done ~ of course it's new and she's excited about it. Yeap weird!
After about 1.5 hours I got a call from school. Her front teeth braces popped right off her teeth. UGH....so off to school to pick her up and bring her back to the ortho. They put in a smaller gage wire and reglued the braces back on. And she's all good again :)
I'm once again not doing so hot. I woke up at 12:15am from a SEVERE headache. I finally feel asleep after MANY meds and alot of contemplating about going into the ER. But with being on this new MS med I didn't know what I could or couldn't so I really wanted to wait till I could talk to my Neurologist to make sure I don't compromise my new treatment. Well I'm back on steroids and ALOT of pain meds and muscle relaxers. Come on life cut me some SLACK!!!
Danny had his pre-op today here with his pediatrician. Everything looks great and it's still a GO. I really didn't think there was going to be an issue as this has been his BEST winter season EVER. The hip is still causing him ALOT of discomfort which is just breaking my heart and is a major stresser!
Keeping you in the loop :)


Delfina Schrecongost said...

Your kid looks awesome even with her braces on! :) Good thing she likes wearing braces. Most of kids nowadays think wearing braces looks geeky. Little do they know that they look so cute! :D

Landon said...

The braces coming out was quite a story to read. Cool kid there, by the way. Very brave. : ) Emergency appointments to the dentists can always be made when there is severe pain, a loose band, a broken wire or something sticking out that you can't take care of.

- Landon Heath

Randal Cole said...

Woah! That was quite the story! Good thing the clinic’s well-prepared for emergency cases. :D

- Randal Cole -