Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I have to tell you ..... a Holiday for The Osero's is always interesting!  To say the least.
Love these 2 elves of mine!!
 This year for Christmas eve Av and I went to my grandparents house for gifts and dinner.  A tradition that has been going on since I was a kid.  Unfortunately due to lack of space and the amount of people Danny and Dan stayed home.  I wasn't going to put Danny in a corner in a different room just so he could be "there".  It really SUCKED having to have my family split up, but I put that smile on my face and made the best of it for Av and my grandparents sake.  Ho Ho Ho
 Awe isn't she so cute!!
 Santa's helpers handing out the stocking that are hung with care.
Once we got home from my Grandparents place Dan and Av took off and went to the 10pm church service were Av had to acolyte.  I stayed at home with Danny and got his cares finished and ready for bed, as we didn't have any afternoon or evening nursing.
 It was a zero percent chance of snow for Christmas.  Well I guess we had a Christmas miracle because we got snow.  There wasn't a lot but just enough to dust everything white.

We must have been good because ~ Santa came!!!!!  Despite a long day and evening on Christmas Eve Av was up at 7:30 running through the house with Christmas music a blaring.
 Tradition around here is no opening of the gifts till she finds the Pickle ornament and Spider ornament.
 Pups enjoyed their treats while she looked
 She's very adamant that SHE will be helping Danny open his gifts and HE will be the first to open every year :)
 Meet DJ Dannys Healing Helper Bear.  He is amazing .... I wrote to the company and told them what animal I wanted and then all the surgeries that Danny has had and they went to work to give Danny a bear that had the same surgeries as he did.  So he had buttons in his ears for the perforated ear drums, med port button, g-tube button, he has a cuffed trache, heart patch, CP patch, name band with "Touched By Danny's Life", a zipper that opens in the front with a gall bladder and stomach that comes out, a zipper that opens in the right abdomen and a baclofen pump comes out, then a zipper on his right leg for his hip/leg surgeries
 Flip him over and his back also have zippers/scars for the back surgeries just like Danny!  This bear is AWESOME!!  Unfortunately they couldn't make the right leg shorter as they were afraid with the zippers in the area that shortened leg wouldn't hold up well.  They were amazed as this was the most surgeries done to one of their bears to date.
 Christmas morning is so tiring!!
 She's ready to open her gifts
 Hover board....that we will be watching very closely as I see some are overheating and a fire hazard
 Go Pro
According to her... "Best Christmas EVER"
Oh Boy, I have the EMS on speed dial just in case ~ LOL
Pups are ready for the cold temps to come now

 Tradition here is after gifts are open we put on a spread of snackies for the day and veg away in our jammies playing with our stuff.
 And just like that.....the fun and relaxation for me was.....OVER.  At noon on Christmas morning it was like a switch turned on and multiple things started effecting sweet Danny.  He started Wretching, having neuros, breathing was difficult so he was put on Oxygen, he stopped producing urine, spiked a fever and things just started heading south fast  ~ AHHHHH!!!!!
 I stayed in close contact with his Pediatrician and managed to change up some of his treatments so we could stay home.  I did take him into see Dr K and to get xrays and labs done on Monday (which is Dr K's day awesome that he comes in for us).  The right lung doesn't look good with effusion and infiltrates so we upped his treatments more and started an antibiotic (so much for the c diff procedure, which was also tested and came back negative for once.....we'll see how long that lasts now that he is back on antibiotics, sigh)
I would pop out of his room once in a while when I could...... Here they are with "some assembly required"
 It was a whirlwind holiday that was for sure.  But we managed to make the best of it.  Sitting back relaxing reflecting on how lucky I am to have my Lil family!!
 Dec 26th Dan and Av loaded up in the car and headed out for a 5-6hr drive towards Indianapolis.  Av is at a Dive Camp till the 31st.  She was alil reserved this time as she went there "alone" without knowing for sure if she would know anyone there.  Once she got there is was GAME ON and she was on the boards and as she says "I'm On FIRE" when she sent me a video of her doing a dive that she learned already on the first day.  AWESOME!!  I can't wait to see and hear about all the great things that she did at dive camp.  It's great the camp posts photos of the days activities on their FB page so I can see her and all the fun they are having!

Winter has finally found us.  Starting on Monday afternoon around 1 and then going into Tuesday afternoon there was around 12" of snow that dropped on us.  We got the snow that everyone was looking for as we had no snow on the ground and then went to a foot of snow in 24hrs.  Personally myself I don't like the stuff and would rather be back to being a Snow bunny in a warmer state during the snowy cold months here.
Winter Snow Storm Ashley
 The Pups are not a fan of the white stuff either.
Instead of frolicking in the snow as I see some of my friends dogs do mine requires a path to be snow blown in the yard so they don't have to walk through it.  SISSY's!!!!  
 I think now is a good time to ask him if we can move south for a few months, lol

I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!  Here's to a new year and may it be bigger and better then 2015.  HAPPY NEW YEARS !!

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Lori , you have an awesome family. Happy New Year, hope 2016 brings Joy, Love and Peace. Prayers for Danny, hope he feels better soon, Hugs From Mary R. (ps, I love reading your blogs and Dannys' page)