Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Celebrating Cheer for all to hear

Well it's here!!  Danny is 12 today ~ A W E S O M E!!
The last 12 years have been inspiring, tough, educational, loving, and well PRICELESS!!  I am NOT the person I was before Danny and for that I am forever grateful to have my very own angel that has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love.  I can only hope and pray that he feels the immense love and joy that I have for him.  My cup is always full with Danny around.  He is my HERO!!  Love you Danny and I hope you have an amazingly great day.  He woke up in a good mood and feeling well so the day is off to a great start already!!

The day after Danny's birthday party Danny and I headed down to CHOW for a new trial procedure to help rid him of his ever reoccurring C Diff, it is called "Fecal Transplant".  Yes you are reading that right and yes it IS what it means AND Yes it does sound gross.  BUT if this works then I'm game.  I've heard good things about the success rate and I can only hope and pray Danny is one of the positive outcomes.  Time will tell!!  The procedure went well but the admission and prep work that needed to be done before wasn't the smoothest it could have been.  I'm not totally surprised at the the "mishaps" but being the seasoned veteran that I am in CHOW I've gotten pretty good and being on my game and catching things before they happen.  Unfortunately Danny didn't take to well to the added fluid that was given to him for the prep of the colonoscopy and the extra fluid really hit him hard with respiratory complications on top of him probably catching some bug while we were there.  Thankfully we were able to treat him here at home with additional respiratory care and rescue meds for his dysautonomia storms so we didn't have to go back and be admitted.  If you'd like to learn more about C diff treatment with Fecal transplant this is a great website to go to, it is the fecal bank company's website and it has tons of information about all you need to know.

On Friday of last week Dan and I had the privileged of transporting the band equipment in our enclosed car trailer for the 8th grade band students as they performed at 3 different elementary schools for a Christmas concert tour.  The Kids did great!! Av even surprised us with a special performance her and 6 other band members did.  Here is a slideshow of their tour performances ...ENJOY!
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December 8th was a most anticipated day here at the Osero household.  After 17 LONG months and it being the second time they were on....The last Phase of braces wearing has come to an end.  Av got an early Christmas present and her teeth are FREE!  Check out the smile ~  She will need to continue to wear a retainer but only in the evening.  Say CHEESE

 The transitions from her first mold to her smile now.....WOW, looking good!!  Thanks to Kessler Orthodontist
You might have noticed that Av is wearing her glasses.  Her day of joy and celebration was tainted as she developed and ulcer in and on her eye, which resulted in a trip to the optometrist right after the orthodontist appt (thankfully they are across the street from each other).  They dilated her eye for 2 days and then she needed to put in drops of a steroid/antibiotic for over a week.  So she wasn't able to go to school the first day of her braces off and show her new smile to everyone due to the dilated and discomfort of her eye.  They are not quite sure how her eye got that way as she wears daily disposable contacts and they are suppose to help with not having this issue, so she's either really "lucky" or she slept with her contacts in which resulted in over usage.  Well I bet she'll never over wear them again, if that was the case.  Can you tell which one it was?  It makes my eyes water just looking at the photo, lol.  Poor bug!!

Holiday traditions were in full gear this week as we made our Lefse and Kringla (Norwegian treats).  This year we added peanut butter blossoms and we ended up having some additional help with Av's friends making the dough and baking the PB blossoms.  We had a great time!!
HELP!  My poor kitchen and my OCD is kicking in!!
 My help

 Then the next day Dan, Av, and I got our baking on !!  Av really got IN with it all this year, our official lefse roller and she even maned the griddle for a while
Yes Dan sports that apron well ~ lol

 Av really got the knack of Spinning the Kringla into the figure 8's and we got them done in record time this year.  Which was good as the lefse takes FOREVER!!
 YUMMY finished products.

At Church this weekend they honored the firefighters in our congregation ~ 
No you don't see me eating cake for breakfast!!
 He even went up to the front of the church
To say a prayer, receive his memory stone, and be acknowledged by all :)

In 2 more days Christmas will be here and we'll be ending just amazes me how fast it is all going.  Then on the 26th Dan will be driving Av down to Indianapolis for a 5 day dive camp... Have I told you how much she loves to dive, lol.  He'll go back down to pick her up on the 31st so I'll get to see her alil bit during break.  She's so much like her dad and is constantly ON THE GO!

Here is Our 2015 Christmas card....Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  From Our Family to Yours ~ Happy Holidays!!

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