Monday, December 21, 2015

Partying at the rink ~ 12 years!!

Who can believe that Danny is going to be 12 in just 2 more days?!  Who would have thought that?!  I'm in denial ~ TOTALLY and completely.  But how awesome that my "little" man whom was not to make it to his 1st birthday is one year away from being a teenager.  WOW!

We had his birthday party on the 12th of appropriate to have your 12th birthday party on the 12th!  We went to a local roller rink and had a blast with his friends.  The roller rink has been so accommodating for us and our friends by keeping the lights on, no strobe lights and the music isn't loud.  They played the Happy Birthday song for Danny and we played the number game.  Unfortunately Danny rolled the dice the first roll and rolled us out of the game, lol

Here are some photos of his party

Yummy cupcakes from Tamara's Cake Guru ~ Cherry Dipee, Birthday cake, Lick the Bowl, Blue Moon, and The Grinch
Danny's special guest ~ SANTA came to make his appearance and visit Danny and his friends.  Thank you Santa for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make Danny's parties extra special.  out of our 12yrs we've only missed him 2 yrs and both were due to medical issues ~ one Danny was hospitalized and the other year we didn't have a party for Danny as he had just had his hip surgery and was in a hip to ankle brace so he couldn't wear pants.
Check us out!
Yes even at his party he is a "cool" kid and needed to keep his coat and hat on.  But it was kind of chilly in there, so it wasn't totally Danny's fault
 Wyllow and her family
 How cool one on one time Parker with mommy and his first time attending one of Danny's parties.
 New Nurse Emily came to party :)
 Cool family shot skating together ~ Raymond and Nick
 Look who came to the party....we Miss you Ms Gail!!
 So wonderful to have new families come the celebrate with us
 Mr Jeromy wasn't going to let those balloons out of his sight during his family photo ~ lol
 Ms Keren with her younger boys
 Aunt Bonnie with Santa ~
 Me, Santa, and Nanny (my mom)
 The 3 Lil elves
 What a great crew this year!!
 Danny LOVES it when Av would take him around the rink!!  I have been so blessed that they have such a great bond ~ LOVE LOVE!!  I was so proud that Av wanted to show Danny off and hang out with him even with her "special friend" Carter being there.  It warms my heart that he isn't shy or put off by Danny and right there in with everything.
 Opening gifts when back at the house.... yes he was still chilly so his hat stayed on.

Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate Danny's birthday and went out of your way to get him a not needed but appreciated gifts.  Here's a great 12th year!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Danny, looks like your BD party was fun and a great success!! HUGS Danny to you , your mom and Family! From the Romitti Family