Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 here we GO!

Dec 31st Dan left the house at 4am heading south to Indiana to pick up Av from her 5 day dive camp at Ripfest.  This was her 2nd time attending their winter camp and she just loved it!!  
They had a great facility to dive at
Can you find my Waldo?
What a great turn out of kids at the camp!  She is sitting down in the first row right in the middle in the shadow.
As you can see she worked hard, but still had fun. and made some new life long friends.  They were up everyday at 5:45 am then the day was filled with classes n speakers, dry land, workouts, and pool time (they had to drive 50 mins one way to get to the pool), until lights out at 10:30 pm.


As I was browsing the photos posted on their FB page I come across this one.  My first thought was OUCH......then I recognized the suit and thought SHIT that's my kid's leg.
Then next photo was of her showing off her smack wound.  She's pretty proud of it!!
Couldn't be prouder of Av and her sportsmanship and dedication....... She was Awarded the Athlete of the Week!!
 After the "meet" (they put on to showcase some of the things they learned), Dan and Av loaded up the car and headed back home.  It was a good time for her to nap :)  
 Dan left that morning at 4 am to Indianapolis and they walked in the door home at 6:30 pm.  So glad to have my family all back under one roof again :)  Happy New Years!!
 We started a new tradition last New Years Day...... I made a tin and through the year we put in messages of things we want to remember.  Then on Jan 1st Av opened the tin and read all the notes.  It was really fun and I'm so glad we did it.  I foresee more notes in the tin this year now that the others figured out how and what to do, lol
 Dan's long lost love..... We found the old version of Mario Bros in the Wii store so he's now become a gamer.  Apologies to the neighbors if you here some yelling and's just Dan playing video games, LOL
 Danny had to get into the Wii fun, so he played a bunch of Wii games too.
 He did NOT want to let go of the controller !!
 Well winter had definitely found us ...... I never get use to this weather!!
And the cold snap continues........
Never good when the frost is on the inside of your door ~ Brrrrr!
 Jan 4th I kick started the Nutritional program up to rid me of the holiday food slump.  I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but to get my energy back and start feeling better was a must.  It's wonderful!!  I am happy to report that Dan jumped in with me this month and we're doing it together, that's pretty cool!! My first week in and I had released 4 lbs and 6" so I'll call that a win.  I can't wait to see what great things have happened after 30 days!
Breakfast with the family as even Av will have a shake in the morning before school :)
My Aunt Bonnie had this wonderful placque done up for Ms Bailey.  She is definitely missed!  I swear I still hear her barking at the door some days to be let in :(
 Don King has left the building!!  What some Crazy hair ~ Boy did this Lil Man NEED a hair cut!  He's all handsome once again.
 Check THIS OUT!!  I have not seen Danny sit independently in YEARS ~ He's a ROCK STAR!!
 Av had a half day for end of the 2nd quarter and seeing Ms Emily has never been to a Tom's we took a road trip out for lunch :)
 2 ROAD TRIPS in one day!!!  Danny came to watch the boys diving invite Friday evening.  He is such a charmer!!
 Danny had his follow up appt with the Cardiologist here in the Valley on Thursday.  I have to say I was taken back by what we were told at this appt.  I was nonchalantly told that she thinks she forgot to tell me at the last appt (6 months) ago that his EKG then had shown that he had a heart attack at some time in his life.....................................................
I had to pick my heart up off the floor and was just in shock!  I got some information about it but after the appt is when all my questions started to pop in my head.  Unfortunately at the moment we can not tell when it occurred, but after my many questioned email to Dr K (who also knew nothing of this finding), they are pulling old EKG's to see if they can get a better idea of when it would have happened.  With all the things that Danny has endured, you'd think I would be handle things pretty well.  This news hit me hard, my Lil Man has had a heart attack!?!?!  How could I have not known!?!  Don't worry I will try my best to get to the bottom of this.  But his forever lengthy list of diagnosis' seems to continue to grow :(  In this EKG we have found that his heart now has more abnormalities, all things that are not too serious, but things I am definitely going to get more info about and see if I should more concerned then I'm being lead to believe.  Once again with his extensive list of issues we are going to have to figure out if the heart is actually the issue or if his severe brain damage is the driving force to this.   Lots of times this is the case and we have to figure out what came first .... the chicken or the egg
This weekend we had some nice down time ...... with the fireplace roaring pretty much non stop due to the extreme sub zero temps I took some time to start figuring out some plans for Spring Break!  Fun in the Sun HERE WE COME!!
 Looking ahead........I have a follow up appt with my Neuro in Milwaukee tomorrow and I'm anxious to see what her take is on the last MRI I had.
Then the next day it's back down to Milwaukee with Danny for a dental appt.  Not that I really want to go back to back days down to Milwaukee but he really needs to be seen by the dentist as we have found that behind his 2 front teeth (all his teeth are permanent now) he has 2 teeth coming down so that really needs to be checked out.  I will taking Danny back in for follow up x-rays the end of the week to check the progress of the Pneumonia he had over winter I'm not sure he has completely recovered from that yet.
Av is starting ski club tomorrow, much to her dive coaches concerns (she has dive meet on Sunday). She is very excited to be able to get on the ski hills again as we haven't had the time to get there yet this year.  I just hope the weather warms up and most importantly pray she doesn't get hurt or we'll both be in hot water with her coach!!  Av met up with a great family here in the subdivision and she will be starting to babysit for their Lil girl.  I have to say Av is very excited to babysit not only to make some extra cash, but to hang out with the Lil girl.....she's a doll!!
This Saturday we are having a great opportunity here at the house, as a CPR/AED and BLS instructor is coming to due a class.  What a great time for some of my local nurses and friends get their certification.  Av and I will also be renewing ours too, just in time for her to start her babysitting career.
Thanks for stopping by to check in on us.  I hope you all are staying warm!!

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