Thursday, October 30, 2014

Say it isn't SO ~ My baby is 12!!

Where did the time go?!
I blinked!
Can we just pause lift for a little bit?

My baby girl is 12!!  I can't believe it.  I'm so proud of the young lady she has grown to be. It's AMAZING how far she's come in really such a short time.  

Coming into this world on her own terms ~ 8 weeks premature and with a blood disorder she is ROCKIN it!  
I can remember the medical team consulting me on the high possibilities of her being delayed/behind then the "typical" kids her age.  Well she must of been listening and heard them LOUD and CLEAR!  Proving all early medical & educational expectations WRONG!!  For a lil girl who should be in 6th grade due to her age she is in 7th grade and taking some 8th grade classes, she had straight A's last year for the WHOLE 6th grade and this year she is acing it ALL once again.  What a great start to 7th grade. 
Top left is one of her fist photos.  She was in an incubator for many days.  Top right is the first time we were able to actually put "real" clothes on her :)
Av and her bday dog, Sully :)

Dream BIG Baby Girl!!
 The day before her bday she hit me up with baking her a cake...not just any cake, a Monster Inc themed cake.  Not too shabby for a last minute idea.

 She wanted to go to HuHot (Mongolian Grill) for dinner with her Friends.  Of course I had the guys at the grill sing Happy Birthday to her.  What kind of mom would I be if I didn't embarrass her.
 Dessert ~ at the table smores
 The next day we were working at the Neenah High School pool for the Girl's dive invite.  What a meet, wonderful watching all the talented divers.  Too bad the eDive program I had to crash course on didn't work smoothly, but we got r done!
Pencil head!!
 Then it was back to the house for games, pizza and pumpkin carving.

 She even made her brother one :) Very Cool!!

Then on Sunday we had a Family get together at Luigis for some pizza!!  4 Generations :)

What a great kid we have!!  Just don't grow up too fast. You're AMAZING Av!!!

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