Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crazy lifestyle we have and loving every minute of it!

He was in such a good mood!!  I saw Danny trying to use his mouth so I took the water out of his cuff in his trache which allowed the air to push up and out his vocal cords allowing him to talk.  Oh how I LOVE hearing that voice.  It's been so long and so few in between occasions.  Danny and I used to have many conversations through a day before he had his trache.  I hope he starts to use he voice more often, I miss our chats.

Happy Halloween!!
The weather here was projected to be rainy, cold, windy, with possible snow.  Thankfully it really didn't rain and there was no snow, but it was cold and very windy.  We didn't have many trick or treaters but the Osero house was all dressed up for the occasion, yes even the pups
 The cutest Sully n Olaf :) ~ Danny didn't go out, but he helped me hand out candy.  It was way Too cold for him to be out.  Av went out trick or treating with her cousin and his dad and boy did they make out the candy stash.
 Oooooo ~ Scary!
 We are ready to hand out Candy

 Danny had a visit from the "snow princess".  He really enjoys his visits from her.
 Their candy stash....all sorted by types.  They both had to have their Candy accounted for before they could fall asleep :)

Unfortunately Danny hasn't been in the best of moods lately.  I've pinpointed it to be his left leg/hip :(.  Danny is going to be visiting Dr K this Wednesday for xrays and a once over.  He also has had a pee sized lump behind his left ear for many weeks that I want looked at.  I've seen this face more then I care to see so I'm hoping we can find out what's wrong so that we can help him.  Not knowing is just awful.  I'll keep you posted!
I had to let our new Private Duty Nurse go.  She's a nice lady, but things just weren't going as smoothly as I had hoped and I was having some concerns.  Even though it's more work for me now that she's gone, as I don't have nursing during the day hours for the week, but I'm less stressed so that tells me something....I made the right decision.    I do have Tuesdays covered and the next 3 Wednesday's covered by the agency so that is nice.  The agency is looking at hiring a nurse to work with us, but as of yet there is no one that they can send us.  I'm hoping we'll find the perfect fit for us soon.

Avrianna had a dive meet last weekend in Brown Deer at Schroeder.  Dan and I went down with her for the day and she did fantastic.  She placed 1st in all 3 of her events ~ 1 meter springboard, 3 meter springboard, and 5 meter platform.  We are so proud of her!!  
 Sporting her 3 1st place medals
 Av n her coach.....what a great team they make!!
 On the way home....All worn out!!  14 hours gone and 11 of them on a warm, humid pool deck.
Here is 2 of her dives

The Girls Diving Season is just about finished for the high school kids.  I have been working hard at getting the edive scoring system up and running.  Their are still some kinks to be worked out, but I'm getting a better handle on it.  By the time Av is diving for the HS I hope to have it all down pat.  Av has been helping out during the invitational and sectional meets. 
All smiles before the system crashed on me at the invitational ~ 
 Pencil head.....
She's working the scoring table!
 Even Danny came along to help me set up at the Sectionals this last week :)

Sully's new coat.....
 See we have SNOW already.  Thankfully the storm didn't run down as far down as it was thought too, so only about an inch more is heading our way...not the 5-7 up to 10" that they had thought.  UGH!  It's way too early for this kind of weather already.  What happened to the global warming I keep hearing's must have skipped over WI.

Av and I have been hanging out at church lately.  I help out every Wed for Confirmation class and then Av and I practice chimes together before that.  In addition to us going on Sundays when she acolytes or we have to perform Chimes.  Plus I help run the Youth events (the 1st Wed of the month from 330-530)
Carving Pumpkins

 Worked the Chili supper
  Last Wed before Confirmation class we had a Youth event and we put together gift bowls that will be given to our congregation members that have lost a loved one this year.  We in charge of the ornament this year.  We did a silver bell and attached a white feather with the saying "Every time a bell rings, An Angel gets their wings".  We also put together bags of towels soap n blankets that will be distributed to the Neenah Schools for the children that are homeless in the school district.
Av acolyted today, here she is helping Pastor Cath with communion.
 Sitting in church today and listening to the sermon, there was an AHA moment where I wondered if Pastor Cath knew what I needed to here today.  Warmed the heart and it was good to hear :)
Not an "easy" subject for me to talk about as I found myself really having a hard time with "faith".  It's a work in progress, but I'm finding my place and my beliefs.  What an amazing church family and I'm finding more time that I'm spending with my friends from there.  Our Saviors have been so supportive and excepted us with open arms ~ faults, sins, doubts and all.  It's so unlike the church I grew up in/at.  I was a member since birth and do you think ONCE they would have called, sent a card or stopped by when Danny was so sick....NOPE.  One of my first memories of Our Saviors is when Danny was down in Milwaukee and much to my surprise Pastor Cath and Ruthe come walking in our door to visit...I was floored!  We had only visited the church a couple of times and they took the time out of their busy schedule to drive down and visit - WOW!  I knew right there that we picked a great church and we became members. 

The Packers vs The Bears tonite!!
Boys = Bears and Girls = Green Bay Packers
He's only "allowed" to wear that shirt when there is a Packer/Bear game any other time he's a Packer fan
 What a BUTT!
 Photo bombed during Danny and I's selfie.  He must be resting up for the BIG game tonite.
May the best team win.....The Packers, cuz the Bear's still Suck!  Sorry Danny ~ LOL

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