Thursday, October 16, 2014

In plain View

I am so happy that we were able to get some wonderful family photos again this year.  I know you all know how much of photo freak I am.  I just LOVE them.  Capturing the moment!  You never get that moment back and you never know when it will be the "last" photo.  A very cruel reality in my world.  Tomorrows photo could be completely different then today or yesterdays and I want to remember it all!!
Here are our photos done by All Season's Photography in New London.  Didn't she do an amazing job?!?  Despite Lil Man being out of sorts she still captured him wonderfully.  And Av ~ I'm speechless at how mature and grown up she is.  I'm so blessed to have a wonderful, beautiful family.

Of course I had to do some previews and as you can see Danny was, well .... not impressed.  I knew Season's had her work cut out for her.  It's so hard to schedule as I'm really at the mercy of Danny's mood.  I can't really coax him, if he's sleepy he's not waking up...if he's crabby, good luck!!

 All Season's photos ~  She did great!
 A bond like no other!

 A special LOVE!
 Danny !!

 I had really wanted to have Fall colors in our photos so Season's fixed the "blacked" out areas in them and put back the color.  Unfortunately the colors weren't as "fall" as I wanted them to be but Love the way they turned out!!

I started to have some blurry vision last on the 10th, Friday evening.  I just chalked it up to being tired and it was the end of the day.  Nothing too surprising, but when I woke up on Saturday I had a very large blurry band that went right across the middle of my visual field in my right eye.  I called the Neuro on call as I've never had this happen to me before, but he felt that it was optical neuritis and seeing it was a weekend I could wait and call my regular Doc on Monday.  Well by Sunday I lost vision from mid to lower field.  I could only see the upper 1/4 in my right eye.  Monday I called my eye doctor and my Neuro.  They both agreed MS must be acting up again, not sure what for this time but MS doesn't have a rhyme or reasons most of the time.  I went in for a dilated eye exam and had some visual field testing done.  The Dr confirmed I lost mid to lower visual field, well I didn't need the test done to tell him that it was gone.  He did say that the eye itself looks good, but theory is I must have a lesion on my brain near the optic nerve causing it to inflame resulting in my vision loss.  Well isn't that special.  So if I can't get this lesion to calm down and or go away I might never regain my complete visual field.  SUX!!!  I have started back up on IV treatments of 1000mg Solu Med Drol which is a BIG dog steroid in hopes to shrink this lesion.  I normally do 500mg of this med for 5 days as it causes some significant side effects for me; headaches, high heart rate, high Blood pressure, frequent peeing, heart burn, and my favorite loss of taste.  Today I go in for day 4 of treatment and unfortunately I haven't seen any improvement in my sight and the side effects are in full force.   So now I sit a wait impatiently to see if this is going to work.
Stay tuned!

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