Sunday, October 19, 2014


Yesterday Av and I went out bumming and decided to stop at some local animal shelters.  We played with some pups and then this lil guy came in and melted out hearts.  He's alil over 1 and comes from a HIGH kill shelter in Kentucky.  We are so blessed to announce that "Sully" is now apart of our family.  He's adapting in very well.  For his first nite I'm pleasantly surprised!!  I'm anticipating some hiccups here n there as I can bet he's been in a shelter for most of his life and there are some things that he needs to learn.  But for now he listens, is very gentle and is a go with the flow kinda guy.  We would like to thank the staff at New Pawsibilities in Oshkosh WI for taking such great care or our lil guy until we rescued him.  They were wonderful to work with!

Sully's photo from the Shelter ~  How can one say no to this face?
First time we got to meet him ~  his name was "Ish" in the shelter, but Av liked Sully better
 Walked in and about 30 minutes later he was on his way to his new life....I hope he likes it!
 First meet n greet with his brotha n sista
 He took to Danny and Danny wanted to hold his paw right away
 Got Toys?!?
 They are bonding well
 First nite and already got a handsome
 Sporting a bandana like his bro n sis
 He even dances!!
 Looks like I might have a helper, Danny has a cuddler, and have has a companion.

Sitting nicely ~ My heart is overflowing!!

It's Av's 12th bday on Friday so she's just tickled she got a puppy :)  I'm sure the puppy love will wear off after the "work" comes into play, but for now she's on cloud nine!! 
It was just meant to be, so many things that fell into play that were not planned.  We just stopped on a whim, We were filling out an app for him and someone else was walking into see him, a lady backed out on him a few days before, his manner is wonderful, the bday they put down for him is mine and Dan's anniversary.  He was meant to be in our family :)

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