Thursday, October 31, 2013

Updating Cruise Photos & Halloween

As promised here are some pictures of our cruise :)

Our Cabin ~ it was handicap accessible and had tons of room.

Seeing Danny was sick he and I shared the king size bed.

Bunk Beds ~ Dan was on the bottom and Avrianna on the top
Our personal balcony !  We ALL fit on it!!
Day 1 ~ on Ship
Ready to go out to see ~ looking into the parking lot you can see our RV in the back :)
 Before leaving port we all had an "what to do if there was an emergency" safety meeting.  Traveling with a Special needs person we were able to get on the "special" list and so we were to have extra care in the event of an emergency.
 All excited and ready to GO!

 I shall call this on...."the calm before the storm"
 Our dinner table.  Seeing we had open dining time we could come to eat anytime between 5:45-9pm.  Usually they just seat you were ever, but they saved this table for us in the corner as it worked great for Danny and not being in the way of the waiters.
 Bonus the window view!!  All the food we had was AMAZING!  You definitely could go on the ship at a passenger and come off as cargo with all the wonderful food that was on the ship.
 Our Head waiter....Wichit.  He was a hoot!  Not only did we have great service with him, but he also was very entertaining, and my ultimate favorite was that he ALWAYS talked to and included Danny.  What a great man!!
 Every evening our room were "turned down for bed", a new calendar of events for the next day was on our bed along with chocolates and a towel animal.  These were so cute!  We got Avrianna a how to book for these towel animals...I told her I expect to have one on my bed each nite when we are home, LOL!
 Day 2 ~ Freeport Bahamas
The lido deck ~ The Place to be!!
 On the 11th floor was the "waterpark" with this slide, The Twister and then 2 racing slides off to the right.  

 Swimming in the pool ~ it is a salt water pool so it wasn't her favorite.  I tried to get her to befriend the girl by the ladder as she too was by herself, but for whatever reason Avrianna took to herself pretty much the whole trip.  Times like these I really wish Danny and her had a "normal" relationship and she could swim and hang out with him like "typical" siblings.
 We didn't get off the ship to go in to Freeport, but we did see some of the shops that were set up by where all the ships unloading.
 Someone wanted to get a tan :)
 relaxing, ready his book....I know unheard of.
 Can you say HANDSOME!!
 What a beautiful young lady she is becoming!

 The Osero's ~ what an amazing family I have!

When I went to put the family photo in the frame I found this one, back from '08 when we went on the Disney Cruise.  Look how small the kids are!  Look how skinny I was, wow!
During the nitely show, Danny's system kicked into overdrive.  His secretions went hay wire and his automonic system went crazy.  Back to room with him shaking, high fiver, breathing rapidly, and low saturations.  This Momma had a long nite of work ahead of her.
Day 3 ~ Half Moon Cay Bahamas
Avrianna waiting patiently to get off the ship to go on an excursion
 this port we couldn't get into port, so the ship anchored as close as it could get and then the island brought out "tender" boats to take people back n forth.  We had to walk across a free floating small metal "bridge" that went from ship to boat.  Totally unsafe for Danny to get off so he hung out in the room with Dad.  Seeing he had such a rough nite he slept all morning and really didn't even know we were gone.
Sitting in the tender boat touching the side of the ship..... "she touched the butt" 

 I found out that this island is owned by Carnival and Holland.  It is occupied by 32-35 residents and the number can drop down to 25 people at times.  WOW!!
 Waiting at the bar for our excursion to start
 This is cool the signs show how far away cities/places are from Half Moon Cay
 Time to GO........
 Horseback riding!!


 after we rode the beach and trails for awhile we changed into our suits and different horses
 To run in the Ocean.

Horsing Around!!!
Think she Like it?!?

 Back to the ship
 We liked to sit here and look down onto the lido deck. 

Some of the beautiful water photos.  I just LOVE looking the water..... So clear and colorful.  BUT I'm deathly afraid of the ocean, I know weird.  There are some fishies in there that could eat me.  Na I'll stay ON THE BOAT and just take on the scenery.

 Day 4 ~ Nassau Bahamas
HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY ~ Avrianna!!
As you can see it is raining in the background so unfortunately the off shore excursion to go parasailing that I had planned on taking her on was cancelled
 We did get Danny off the boat but only for a brief moment.  As it started to rain again, plus the security was crazy to actually go into Nassau.  It was bad enough every time we got back on the ship with him it was the same security as when we got on...take off all the bags on his chair to go through them and pat Danny down.  It's doable, but it takes awhile to get everything off the chair and then back on.
 She is pointing to our room.  The last opening on the right.  We were on floor 6 and there is a total of 12 floors
 So back on the ship I tried to have some fun with her seeing it was her bday and she didn't get to go parasailing.  The top floor is a mini golf course and jogging track
 Looking into Nassau from the ship
 They had this huge chess board on the lido deck.  We decided to improvise and play checkers with it.  I have to brush up on my chess and then teach her so next time we can play it the right way.
 I had this platter of desserts delivered to the room for her bday :)  YUMMY!!
 Pouting alil as her bday didn't turn out like she had hoped.  She got over it!!
 When on a ship plan on photographers EVERYWHERE!!  LOL  There is always a photo op...getting off ship, dinner, sitting by the pool, going to shows, and many different back drops you can go to for professional photos.  Of course they all come with a cost, but at least it doesn't cost anything to don't have to buy them if you don't want too.

 For dinner that nite...the wait staff sang "Happy Burfday" to Avrianna and gave her an extra piece of dessert.  Unfortunately there choice of dessert wasn't the best, cappuccino pie....but Mom really liked it :)

 When we got back from dinner we came to a room all decorated up.  Thank goodness as I was getting worried seeing I ordered this ahead of time and it wasn't done when we went to dinner.

Day 5 - At Sea
 At Camp Carnival ~ activities and games for the kids.  Avrianna made a "build a bear" but chose the Carnival mascot instead of a bear.  She said "Fred" will remind her of the cruise :)
 Looking at the 24hr Ice cream bar.  I was a good girl and opted for the frozen yogurt every time I went :)

Gotta LOVE this.  Just warms my heart!!
Sibling LOVE

 My second and last fruity drink of the cruise.... unfortunately I just didn't have the time I was hoping for to sit back and relax.  Boy was it GOOD!!

The Ship ~ Carnival Ecstasy

Well that was our Cruise!  I have to say how very lucky I am to have been able to go on this vacation with my family.  Even though it was more of a working holiday then a vacation for me I wouldn't have missed it for anything.  I have to say, that next time I might have to bring help along with so it doesn't get so overwhelming.  

Since being back Danny has been to the Dr and his xrays look good.  YAY!  All that hard work on the ship on road paid off as I really had thought that pneumonia had set in.  So for him to have clear lungs just made me feel good that I had done him right.  We did start an oral antibiotic and added another breathing treatment to help him with all the secretions and nasal congestion.  After 1 full day of being on the antibiotics I was already noticing a decrease in his secretions....woot woot!

I can't believe it's Halloween!!  Unfortunately it's raining like crazy, poor kids.  I'm not sure how much trick r treating will be done, but we'll see.  This year is the first year that I will not be trick r treating with Avrianna .... she opted to go to a friends house and go through their sub division with a group of friends.  She's growing up, sigh!  Even though it's raining we still got Danny dressed up in his costume.  
He's One in a Minion!!

Avrianna was a Minion on Monday for Boys N Girls Brigade Halloween celebration but
Decided to go trick r treating a Nerd instead.  Both outfits are very cute on her.