Saturday, March 9, 2013

Step'n it up!

I find it funny that when our life is crazy nuts and I have alot to say I find time to blog, but when life is going good, well ..... I'm a big blog slacker.  So the moral of it news is good news around here. LOL!  That's not to say I don't have things to blog about, so here we go.
Wow almost a month has gone by.
I know the last post just briefly stated that Dan and I went to Yes, Dan and I were able to get out for an "extended" date nite.  We had a wonderful time.  We were able to get to the RV show and talk with the sales team there about what "needs" the RV would have to safely travel with Danny.  Let me say they were  WONDERFUL to work with.  They really listened to what we had to say and they helped us make an RV for Danny with everything he/we need.  The company we were dealing with is Steinbring RV, on a Newmar Coach Canyon Star model# 3911.  Click HERE to see some of the wonderful features this coach has directly from the manufacture, like a roll in shower and.....
wait for it.......
a Braun wheelchair lift.  This coach is/was designed for the driver/operator to be able to drive and operate the RV while in the wheelchair with ease.  They thought of everything and again it's right from the manufacture this way.  AWESOME!!!  We obviously don't need everything to be handicap accessible, so we changed and few things around to go back to the "normal" RV placements, but still keeping in mind that I possibly might be in a wheelchair down that road so we didn't change around too many things.  My point here is that they are very easy to work with and they truly want to make sure that this RV works for you. They will sit down and take the time to rearrange things to fit your needs.  Just to have the ease of getting Danny in and out of an RV without the fear of hurting him or ourselves.  As in the RV now we have to disconnect the vent from Danny, pick him up, carry him up the steep metal stairs, and have someone follow right behind with the vent.  Not a 1 person job and One slip up and .... I don't even want to think what would happen.  If you haven't guessed it by now, Yes we decided to go ahead and order one.  So today Dan and I packed everything up in our RV and they are coming to pick it up soon.  I'll be sad to see it go, we've made some great memories in there, but I'm anxiously waiting to see how many more wonderful memories we can make in this new one.  We already have 3 trips we tentatively have on the calendar for this summer, Bring it on.  We'll definitely give the RV a work out.
Danny got new Wheels.  This was a long haul to get it from the manufacture to our living room, but it was SO WORTH it!  This is a SymmetriKit Power Chair with Finger forms along the back and Aero "breathable" back panels.  It's made in the UK, So the traveling this chair went through was just a hope, skip, and jump across the "pond" which took approx 3 months to get here.
 Look at that smile......yeap he LOVES it!  Plus this momma LOVES it for him.  It's so comfy, it's VERY easy to adjust, and it's wide range to of adjustments this chair has is AMAZING.

I just love this picture.  They are both together watching TV sitting side by side.
The King and Queenie of the House
 Look who's Back in the hot tub for.  He just LOVES being in there and Ms Gail doesn't mind it either. I really want to see him in the hot tub more often.  It's so good for his muscles, tone, range whatever you want to call it.  We are very lucky that he has a nurse that's just as excited to go in the hot tub as Danny is :)

 Danny is doing fantastic!  He never ceases to amaze me.  He had alil hiccup with a staph infection at his G-tube site.  I was alil discouraged as Danny has never had issues at his site's....we have always been commended on how healthy his sites look.  Today his site looks wonderful again with no scaring or granuloma.  YAY!!  The last few days he has thrown a curve ball by not peeing on his own so we've had to cath him once n awhile.  We are not sure why he is doing this, but all the tests we've had done have shown nothing funny is going on.  I guess he's entitled to a few off days once in awhile.  His school had contacting me about coming back out to see him again.  I can't wait to show him off to them.  I am not going to be sending him back TO school as it's just too "buggy" for him there, maybe a field trip here n there, but his schooling will be set back to home bound services.
Dan has been very busy between the EMR calls, Firefighting calls, Laundries, and plowing snow.  I've been calling him "Snowman".  He's getting alil frustrated with the days being like the "groundhog days".  I think he finally loathes winter as much as I do.  I tell ya Florida sounds better n better, to the both of  Dan is starting to turn his gears to the 2013 racing season.  I'm sure the Fairmont is coming out of the trailer soon and the sounds n smells of racing will be floating through "The Ranch".  Since our trip through "The Southfork Ranch" in Dallas, it's sparked some fond memories that Dan and I had in our childhood.  We both remembered watching it as kids, but we don't remember the details.  So I found the whole collection of the "Dallas" seasons, so we spend most of our evenings watching what we call "Dallas Dope".  Once one episode is done we just have to watch another one.  LOL!
Avrianna is doing Great.  She is now involved in archery too and She loves it!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again....this girl is amazing.  I don't know how she does it.....ALL!  I believe there is nothing this girl can't do.  Watch out world, Avrianna is coming.  Between excelling in school, dive, piano, viola, trumpet, bells n chimes in church, choir in church, archery, and just being a kid she balances it all nicely.  I can't believe she manages it all, as being just the taxi can be alil over whelming, and she still has an open mind as to what else is out there for her.  I can't wait to see what she does when she grows up.
I'm just plinking about.  Taking everyday, hell every it goes.  Some good and some bad, but for the most part I've been doing well.  I am still trying to balance MS and trying to loss weight.  I've hit a wall and it sucks!  I've gone to many health coaches and physicians but they haven't been able to get me any info that I don't know already.  I was able to talk to my primary/osteopathic Dr last week and he is going to help me.  Well, guessI should have gone to him first instead of hitting dead end after dead end.  Maybe I needed to hit the wall to give it my ALL.  I am IN THIS with EVERYTHING I HAVE.  My D.O. gave me a site to go to, The Canary Club, on this site you are able to order tests to figure out your levels of hormones and other things that could potentially be a key factor in maintaining your health and issues with weight.  Most Dr's don't test all of these things even though, they know for a fact, many have issues with these levels.  I did these tests and sent them in so now to sit and wait to find out the last piece of the Lori's health puzzle.  I've been tested for everything else so I can't wait to see what these tests have to say.  Then I can give myself a better feel of what I'm up against in this fight I'm having with myself.  I owe it to myself !!  I can only hope people look back at my life and say I did everything I could by taking every obstacle I've come up against with a fight and some grace.  I have enrolled myself in a pilot program for weight loss and wellness, with a local fitness center.  I'm excited to see if/how it is going to work.  Stay tuned...I'll keep you posted!

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