Monday, March 25, 2013

And then there was............................

I've said it before and I'll say it again......



ask what else or what more? As there is ALWAYS a what else lurking around in my life.  So please stop wondering what more could happen to me or my family.
2 weeks ago I went into the Dermatologist to have my annual check over.  I had my forever reoccurring wart frozen off, and 2 moles removed.  The next day I went to go back to have a lump, about the size of a pea, on my leg removed. I've had issues with the incision since GO and have had to go in to have it checked out twice.
Can you believe ALL this for a size of a pea?  OUCHIE!  It takes up darn near my whole thigh :(
I finally get to have the stitches removed tomorrow morning, YAY!
Last week I received a phone call from the clinic that the lump was nothing to be worried about, but one of the moles that was removed on my leg has come back.......



Well isn't that just great!

..................I can't even make this shit up.

Boy is my book just getting Bigger in bigger.  I don't even think I'd be able to fit all of my life in just one book.....maybe a series??  Now that's a thought.
I will be going in on April 4th to have surgery done on my leg in hopes the Doctors will be able to cut all of the cancer out.  They are hoping that we caught it soon enough that it hasn't grown too far too fast.  I can not have it done in the clinic as they believe the incision will be larger then the one I have already on the other leg, which could present an issue with trying to get it closed.  Why NOT, I wouldn't think for a minute it was going to be cut n dry (no pun intended).  With that being said, the concern is where else might I have cancer floating around that we can't see.  As it seems I'm a petri dish for cancerous cells and cancer runs rampid through my family. It doesn't help that my MS infusion is like chemo which drops my immune system down.  When I was younger I had Pre cancerous cells in my uterus (one of the reasons for my COMPLETE hysterectomy, yes I've been in menopause since I was 30), then again precancerous cells were removed from my arm last year, and now.....


I'm getting a bunch a forms and paperwork about cancer,in the mail, to remind me and Even
"TIME" magazine is reminding me ~
Dan got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten my day.
So now I have to sit and wait to see how the results from my surgery come out to find out if the area we found can be all removed surgically.  
To make matters even worse.............
I will no longer be able to continue my MS infusion treatment.  So on top of dealing with this cancer scare, I get to await a ticking time bomb to blow up in my face any time now.  The stress alone should set me in a tail spin soon, but not being able to do the ONLY treatment that has worked against my MS.  Well hang on tight, this could be a very interesting ride.  I am trying my best to put a smile on my face and just go with the flow, as really that's all I can do.
Ever find yourself in the right spot at the right time??  Last Monday Ms Gail and I went to a presentation on Detoxing.  As you all know I have been busting my hump to lose weight and NOPE not a lb......  No matter how much I walk and watch what I eat.  I can get in a funk and eat whatever and not gain a lb either, which is nice...but frustrating non the less.  Dan knows and feels how frustrated I've been and showed me the article in one of the magazines we get.  So I went to see what it was all about.   I find it funny that I went there in hopes for some ideas, help, to lose weight.....BUT now I'm going there is for a life altering turn around.  This Dr practices functional medicine or holistic medicine....We are going back to the basics with this Dr and let me tell you how excited I am.  I'm amazed at the test results I've received, tests that really are common sense test, but the "mainstream" docs don't feel the need to test.  Oh no, why look into WHY ones system is the way it is.....just treat the problems, instead of trying to solve the problem.  Can you say pharmaceutical driven?  Going the "natural" way is going to be a very difficult route.  

Now why is that?  Shouldn't natural be easy?

I will need some serious self control and persistence.  It's SCARY  alarming to see what we eat and how programmed we are towards all this bad stuff.  I can't say this is going to be easy, but the way I see it.....

I have no choice

I need to be committed to myself to be a better me, a healthier me, and hopefully be around alot longer.  I need to be around for my family! I have to be honest I'm scared to death right now with all the unknowns and hard work I have ahead of me, but I am going to give it my all and try to kick this will everything I have.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

My heart goes out to you. Wrapping you in hugs and prayers. Much love, Victoria Nelson

Marie said...

OMG...even though I have never met you I have followed your story. I will pray it was caught early and that the surgery goes smoothly. There really are no words...