Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh MY ~ 100!

Happy Birthday to one of the MOST AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL woman I know ~
My Great Grandma, Sophia NaGreen
100 years young!!

Great Grandma Na Green's birthday was this Saturday and they were throwing a Lil party to celebrate her special day, at the nursing home, with all her friends there.  The BIG shindig was on Sunday with her family and friends in Fremont at her Daughters establishment, Hahn-a-lula.

She even made the Paper :)

My grandmother, Bev, was on her way to the nursing home Saturday with Great Grandma's birthday cake when her car slid on some ice and as she moved to not hit the car in front of her, she hit a pole :(  She was taken to the hospital and there we found out she had sustained a broken rib, sternum, and a sprained ankle.  She is very lucky that those are the only things that happened, after seeing the car and hearing what the Dr said could have happened to her heart n lungs....well lets just say this St Patrick's Day weekend we had some luck head our way.  Needless to say she didn't make the party at the nursing home.....nor did the Cake she made.

She was admitted for observation, as with 2 fractures and her age, 78, that bought her a ticket for a stay at Mercy Medical.  She was so worried about her cake that she made and the car, both of which were smashed :(  Oh can be replaced and more cakes can be made :)  Just get better!  I sat with her most of the day while in the hospital trying to keep her calm and help her understand all that they were doing to her.  Not to toot my own horn, but I'm really on my "A" game in crisis' like this.  Both of her daughters, my mom and is an emotional mess and the other goes a mile a minute.....I will let you figure out which one is which, LOL.  Even as hard and painful it was for her to breathe, Grandma made sure that everyone at the hospital knew it was her mother's 100 bday and that she didn't want to miss the party that was planned for Sunday.
Dan and I went to look at the car that evening.  I really wanted to see this "Crumb" cake the first responders were talking about.  I was told it was smashed and all over the trunk.  When I opened the trunk I didn't think it was too bad.....and even despite Dan's opinion of me leaving the cake in the trunk....I salvaged it :)  She was so excited that all her hard work wasn't a total loss, plus I knew she would really want her cake board back.  Dan thought I was nuts to bring it home and "fix" it, but .............. I just had to.  And of course when I told her I saved the cake, her first comment was....."Did you get the cake board?"  Do I know my grandma or what?

I went back up the hospital Sunday morning and had I had packed n planned on spending the day with her there.  That way she wouldn't be alone thinking about the party.  Well she must have put her charm on and the good Dr discharged her.  Boy, if you want to see an injured 78 yr old women move fast ... tell her she can go to the party.  She was trying her best to get out of bed by herself, and even tried to take the IV out.  SLOW down...I WILL get you there!!  I got her dressed, did her hair, and off we went.  From the Dr saying she could go, to us walking out the was about an hour.  Yes, I had to bust my butt to keep up with her, lol.  She had a very rocky day and it wasn't a fun party for her, as the vicodin did NOT agree with her, so I spent ALOT of time with her getting sick......but if I had to do it again....
I would :)  
Just to see these two wonderful women, that I have in my life, be together to celebrate 100 yrs!!

Check out ALL the people ~ now does my Great Grandma know how to have a party or what?

My Mom made a wonderful poem  ~  

 Yes it is true she is a slobbery sap just like my Great Grandam, lol.

My Uncle Bob put together a 30min movie about my Great Grandmother's life.  Boy, what a woman.... I hope I can do half the things she has done in her 100yrs.  And let me let you at 100 yrs old there isn't much that slows this lady down.

Great Grandma and her 3 Girls ~ Beverly, Nancy, and Judy

Thanks Great Grandma NaGreen for all the wonderful Memories and all the life lessons we have learned from you.  You truly are an inspiration in my life.

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