Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Well we have been here for 5 days and still no answers as what's going on.  Good news they have been deligent in the tests so there are things that are getting ruled out one by one.  Good news is Danny has stabled out and his numbers have remained the same the last 2 days. They are still not where they need to be but they are not going in the wrong direction anymore. So with that being said, if his labs are still stable in the morning and nothing else pops up.....we might bust out of here tomorrow.  He's still pretty sick, but we can do the monitoring and cares at home seeing things are not "critical" anymore. The Drs ordered a panel of auto immune tests and we should have the results back sometime next week.  Which will tell us if he does have Lupus or some other auto immune disorder.  Seeing I have MS which is an auto immune disorder, he is (and Avrianna) are at a higher risk to having one also, well isn't that just great :(.  If all those tests come back normal they are shooting at stars as to why all of this craziness happened. Of course I get the .... It could be viral, or dysautonomia progression, grrrrr, don't you love those diagnosis' ... Just say you don't know, lol. All The numbers don't show infection except for the obvious tracheitis he's got going on.
Time will tell OR maybe it won't.
It will be so nice to be in the comforts of our home.  Being there I'm sure Danny will recover better and I PROMISE you my bed is more comfy then here, lol. Even though it's alil more chaotic when home it's easier on the family when we're all together.  A lot less stressful :). And I'm sure his "girls" are going crazy knowing others are taking care of him. Don't worry I'm making sure they are doing it right :). He misses them dearly I can tell.  I'm excited to see his reactions when he's back at home with his "girls", Dad, Avrianna, and dogs.  I'm bored!!!  There's only so much tv I can stand and i've hit my limit for the year I think, lol. I did bring a book and my scrap booking but my vision concentration levels are just not working well.  My left arm n hand are really driving me NUTS as they are still in a constant tingling, heavy, spastic hot mess.
I'll keep you posted on what's going on

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