Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teeter Totter

Great news Danny's CBC is improving all on its own :). This morning his platelets and hemoglobin took a wonderful jump in the right direction all on its own :). So they have labeled this event as Viral....aka they don't have a clue, lol. We'll see what the auto immune tests come back next week. Palliative care will keep me up to date with that follow up. Unfortunately Danny's CO2 levels are still high despite the increase of Puff's settings. It Is still at 48 and they'd like to see him more in the mid 30's  Pulmonary would like to see he CO2 levels better before discharge so they changed the settings even more and cross your fingers he responds well so we can go home soon.  I'm not getting my hopes up as to when because that it is such an emotional coaster when we can't leave, but I'm just happy the thought of discharge is in our near future. When Danny is ready, then we'll go. He runs the show :)
Wish Dan luck as he will be registering Avrianna for school tomorrow AND getting her ready for school pics.  Yikes!!  This could be interesting, lol. In the scheme of things it's pretty minimal as I have all the paperwork done, so he just has to drop them off and pay for registration n hot lunch. Which by the way is going to be totally different for us, as last year if she had 12 hot lunches the whole year that would be pushing it....but this year they changed services and she is interested in taking most of the days hot lunch, yay me!!  Avrianna is pretty independent with what she wants to wear and getting herself ready, she's way too old now for me to do her hair - At least that is what she keeps telling me :(. I'm just sad I'm going to miss it as I'm always with her for these kinds of things. I can't wait to find out who she has as a teacher this year, and I'm sure she will look fantastic for her last year of elementary picture. Can you believe she is a 5th grader and Danny is a 3rd grader this year. Wow - I'm getting old, lol.
I can't believe summer is over with ... What a way to end it, sitting around here
I'll keep you posted!

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