Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Typical

Things around here are still up in the air. We have ruled out a few little things here n there, but finding out why all this going on with Danny still remains a mystery.  Go figure!!!  His platelets continue to drop and is now at 53000, plus his hemoglobin has dropped to 10.   His Last PTT was way too high at 68.  His CRP which is an inflammation marker is elevating also. The EEG that was done hadn't shown any remarkable changes and the Neuro team is working on getting ahold of Danny Neuro in GB to pick his brain and see if there is anything he would recommend doing. I am so happy that they are working together with his Dr that knows Danny better.  The trache aspirate has shown multiple issues that are not only colonized but in a full blown party in there. The tests keep coming, and most are abnormal, but nothing has jumped out saying LOOK ITS ME.  Yesterday I didn't see his eyes much at all, so I'll be interested to see what his Hemo and CO2 levels are at now.  Labs were not ordered this morning so we'll see if they feel it's needed today.  I'm sure they will as he has now spiked a fever :(.  It so frustrating to see all thats going on and to not have a dx as to why. I commend the families that are undiagnosed as it would drive me insane. One theory is that Danny has an autoimmune disorder called Lupus. It would make sense to issues to he has not only now but things he  "normally" deals with ongoing too. Not that I want him to have an autoimmune disorder of top of everything else but it would be nice to have all the pieces of the puzzle put together.  Well see if/ when other things get ruled out if they do the test for it instead of speculating. You all know me, I'm all about Proving it.  
Avrianna has been her usual self busy busy busy. She went up north my dad and nephew to his cabin and she had a BLAST.  How awesome is that!!  I'm so happy she had a good time AND that she was able to hang out with my dad for some bonding time. Amazing how you see a change in your parent when they are with your kids. It's wonderful she enjoys spending time with him and it seems like he enjoyed spending time with her - yay !!  Yesterday she hung out with my sister n family and they went to Bay Beach for the day. They keep this up and Avrianna will want us to be gone more often, lol. Today she goes home, - back to reality and responsibility. I think Dan misses her as he's been holding down the fort all alone :(. He's also has kept himself busy, like that is a surprise, lol. As he can NEVER sit still. I'm alil jealous as he told me he's managed to cook up a pot of soup and bake a cake, both of Avrianna's favorites. That's ok i'll eat this wonderful hospital food - lol.
I am holding up around here. Stressful none the less, so "Wagener" has shown its face. My gate feels off, but that could be due to my vision not being the best.  My left arm/hand is taking the brunt of this as they are tingling/asleep MOST of the time. Frustrating!!!  The couch bed has giving me some extra kinks so I can't necessarily blame MS for that......yet.  In all this craziness with Danny I forgot to mention I will be going in for minor surgery next week as one on the moles that was biopsies last month A typical. Not that it is cancer just that the cells are more likely to turn into cancer if it's not all taken out. I just laugh and am not surprised as this is how things roll with me, but really come on, does it look as if I need another issue right now. It's not that they are doing surgery that bothers me...it's the lifting restrictions after words. Grrrrr!!
I'll keep you all posted

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Giana Forzareli said...

I hope Danny gets the proper care he deserves. I just did the MS bike ride to Ocean City New Jersey and was able to talk to some of the people who have MS family members. They were so grateful and it made me want to do th ride every year. Next year I will do this ride with Danny in mind. I know birth injuries from experiencing it with my brother. He suffers from a brachial plexus injury. I wish the best to you and your family.