Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's tomorrow already, way past my bedtime.....yet I'm wide awake. Today or should i say yesterday, has been a whirlwind of a day, one would think I'd be past out with exhaustion. Except my anxiety is HIGH and I can't put my brain in park. So here I am, writing to all of you.   I write to you from our old stomping grounds at CHOW in rm #513.  Today I had to raise the white flag, except defeat and leave our home ICU for here. I sit here listening the the ongoing beeping of the monitors of my Lil Mans heart rate with the changing tones ... Wondering if  this admission is going to be an easy fix or an "extended" stay. At this moment it's hard stay.  Danny is in a tail spin, hes a down right mess.  Danny just hasn't been able to regroup and catch a break since his rod surgery. If feel so bad for him.  Hes having a hard time once again respiratory wise.  I brought him in to see Dr Kasper on Wed as his secretions turned to a yellow/ green color and it was very thick, his right ear was bleeding and draining some pretty gross goo, and i knew something wasn't quite right as Danny had been sleeping more n more over the last few days. The X-ray had shown at that time an atelectesis in the right lower lobe. Thats very disheartening as the nurses and myself have been working so VERY hard at Danny's air way clearance. It's so disappointing to work at doing all the right things and they still don't work. Dr K did a panel of labs while we were there and Danny's platelets were low and PTT was high, but everything else came back good. This morning I ran another set of labs to the clinic so they could recheck Danny's platelets and they continued to drop. So with all the strange things going on with Danny, Dr K and Palliatie care thought it be a good idea to come to the BIG house and have Danny tuned up. Since here,in the ER , they redid his labs and Danny's platelets are still dropping, his BP is still low,his temp went down to 91 and we still have no real answer as to why.   They also drew a bicarbonate level and that was very high (at 68) so its obviouse Puff needs some serious adjusting.   Things right now are still up on the air, but I'm hopeful tomorrow will be a better day, and we'll start putting the pieces of the Danny puzzle together. I will post later, as for now I should really try and get some sleep. Thanks for stopping in to check on us

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