Thursday, January 26, 2012

This isn't suppose to happen.................

This a "normal" comment I get, directed towards Danny's medical status. So when the ENT stated this yesterday about Danny's ears I just had to chuckle as I've heard this more times I care to comment on. Gail n I both looked at each other and shook our heads. Does it surprise me .....NO. It does make our journey more complicated....YES, like we need more complications. Our journey is FULL of bends, twists, and pot holes. It's kinda funny when the Dr's get that ah ha light bulb moment.....Danny IS an enigma. I know Dr Martin is working very diligently to help me get Danny's ears healthy, but I also know how frustrating it is for him to keep running in to road blocks continually. Here is what I know...his ears are bad :(. The right ear looks awful full of white n yellow cheesy/pussy goo, bleeding, and the tube is out. The ENT cleaned out as much of the goo in the right side as he could, and it will be sent down to be cultured. Hearing the suction machine suck all that out of his ears is just WRONG, YUCK. While the ENT was cleaning out the right side he was able to go in a retrieve the tube that has fallen out. This got Dr Martin on the not so nice list really quick. The left ear, even though it doesn't "look" as bad as the right has got it's own alarming issues. For whatever reason the left side had bled at one time and left a bloody film over the opening which is clogging the tube now. The tube isn't positioned correctly either so the drainage doesn't have a chance to come out which leaves it all sitting behind the ear drum. I'm almost positive we'll be heading back down to CHOW to have the left tube removed, but we are sitting tight till we get the culture results from the right ear. What is determined to help the right ear will also aid in what we will do with the left. SIGH!! I HOPE we can get a "fix" for Danny's chronic ear problems. That HAS to be breaks my heart. It doesn't help he has had issues with his ears before the trache and vent as they only aid in ear problems. I'm hoping we get at least a preliminary report before the weekend so I can treat whatever it is that's having a party in his ears.
While we were in CHOW I was able to sneak Danny into see the dentist and get his teeth cleaned. I've been pretty lucky at getting Danny in on same day appts, yay! Danny has been lacking on the dentist visits, I think he has the same anxiety as I do with the dentist, because every appt we had this last year I've had to cancel due to illness or surgeries. His normal dentist has left since the last time we were there so he was seen by a different one. I LOVED her!! She was fantastic with Danny (and Mom). Of course when the appt was over she informed us that she too will be possibly leaving to a different establishment. Grrrrr ~ why do all the good ones leave. I think CHOW needs to invest in more of the ones that are leaving in hopes they stay. So it looks as he'll be getting a new dentist yet again. I'm always on guard when it comes to coming into an appt with a Dr I don't know. I can only hope that the rest of the dental staff is as great as the last two even had.
After we he was done in CHOW we just HAD to go to The Cheesecake Factory for some great food. I left there Fat n Sassy, lol. It's always a wonderful treat to be able to go there. It's even better to be able to go with great friends :)
Once we were home there was no rest for the weary because PT was already there waiting for Danny to come home. Danny was casted for new AFO's. He's been long over due..his last pair were made 7-08. Funny thing is, other then his big toe sticking out the front the rest of the AFO is too BIG for him. I guess in '08 he had beefier legs, feet, n ankles then he has now...he's more slim in trim these days. I can't wait to see what they turn out to look like as Avrianna picked out all of the patterns :) His sister will make sure he is "IN" with the style now.
Ms. Bailey is having a rough time lately. She's been throwing up more n more. I had her to the vet to run a bunch of tests n xrays. Everything panned out ok, but the vet is thinking a possible tummy ulcer. We started treating her for that but since then she's gotten tomorrow we are going back to vet .... maybe he'll "find" something else. I feel bad as I know she's already lost 4 lbs, she's loosing her beautiful coat, and she's getting sick all the time. She's 11.5 yrs old so I know she's getting up there in age which doesn't help either.
I've been busy planning a few parties/get togethers for the next few months. I thoroughly enjoy planning events. We'll just see how they all turn out. Wish me luck!! This next month I have an appt with my Neurologist for my year follow up. I can't wait to see her and talk to her about my MS treatment. I know I will be needing a MRI to catch up on how things have "progressed". I'm alil nervous about talking about my treatment plan as I will have been on the Tysabri for a year now. A wonderful year at that, BUT the chances of me getting the brain infection after being on Tysabri over a year is greater, sigh! What to do, what to do.
I will keep you posted!

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