Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sit down ~ hold on tight 2012

My Lil reindeer :0) ~ they are too cute!
We managed to stay at out of the hospital over the Holidays so we hunkered down at home and enjoyed playing with our new toys. It was SO nice!!

Don't let these faces fool you..............
they are NOT as sweet n innocent as they may look. Just ask the carpet guy who had to return to the house twice the last month, grrrrrrrr! Worst part about it as I can't tell you which one is guilty :(
Danny is ringing in the new year of 2012 in true Danny form ~ sigh. It's only the 4th and he's already thrown an ear infection, GI issues, irritability, crying and just today ........
possible bone fracture in his femur ~ Which could be the source of his irritability and crying lately.
Today we went down to CHOW for an eye appt for Danny and then I was to be off to my MS infusion. I was able to sneak Danny in for xrays of his right leg, which has been giving him discomfort, so thankfully Ortho was able to get him in for a picture. I was also able to have ENT check out his right ear as the tube in there has slipped out of position and has been draining funky goo. Once we were finished I got a phone call from the Ortho dept asking if we could bring him back for more xrays. Well that can't be good :( They really thought he had fractures in his femur bone so they wanted a closer look........ there are suspicious marks but nothing the really jumped out at them with the closer views. So the next step is some labs, a bone scan, and possible MRI.
Those fine white lines above the knuckle/growth plate could be fractures or just marks from a "traumatic" episode that has happened in Danny's life. Kinda like a tree with it's rings.
His knee is swollen and soar which the Dr was able to actually see so it was advised that Danny wear this splint for support until we figure out what's really wrong. It looks so comfortable ... doesn't it ~ NOT!!
Another PERFECT shirt ~ Gotta LOVE his attitude......I'm not sure where he gets that from, LOL
What a day today was! Tomorrow I should have a better idea when the other testing will be able to to be done. So we wait ~ Impatiently! Bring it on 2012 ~ I'm READY!

To end on a good note:
Here's a video of Danny chattering away. He's been vocalizing more the last few days which has been music to my ears. The last few months he's really lost the drive to talk, so to hear him once again just warms my heart. Boy have I missed his voice :)

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