Sunday, January 15, 2012

This house is going CRAZY!

Not only does craziness run rampid through our house ~ I swear I'm going to make a Welcome sign "Welcome to the Funny Farm". Danny has found a favorite book to read on the computer that has a vibrant loud males voice that says "this house is going CRAZY"! It's so great to see him engaged in a book and having fun. We are finding his head to still be the best location to put a switch for him to activate. He gets so excited to hear this book, that he knows what pages have this phase and will skip pages until he hears it. LOVE HIM!!It's well into January and we've finally got hit with winter weather n temps. It's been pretty calm around here for January. Jan 12 and we were wearing sweatshirts outside the weather was almost 50 and no snow on the groundThe next day snow snow snow. Winter is here and the temps are dropping :( Can't say I'm happy about it, but we do live in Wisconsin so I can't really piss n moan too much.
This white car, the driver unknown to me, decided to drive up my driveway and attempt the the round about. They went wide and found themselves stuck in my yard....literally as went so wide they were in the grass. LMOA!! I went out to ask them what the H*!! they were doing on my property but they were able to get the car free and drive away. Morons!! My drive doesn't look like a street so NO Trespassing.
We went into see Dr Kasper on Friday and he made Danny a smaller lightweight splint. We still have no concrete theory of why he continues to have pain in his leg. 1~ hair line fracture 2~ pulled tendon or muscle 3~ knee cap not running on right track. All of which needs "rest" to help recover. The first splint was too heavy n big so I'm hoping this one will help him better. We've increased his clonezapam which should calm his tone down more too.
Danny is still having issues with his ears. His right ear is just chronically yucky but now his left ear has decided to play with in game. Grrrr! Other then the daily pain and the ears Danny is doing pretty good.
Gail helped me organized Lil Man's closet once again. It was getting alil outta control.
Now it's all good :) and even labeled :)Our newest nurse Keren, who started in October. She's become a wonderful addition to our Family. She's been an enthusiastic breath of fresh air. I wasn't sure how Danny would tolerate all the enthusiasm she has, but it's been a wonderful thing. She is constantly doing stuff with him from books, to toys, to massages, she never give him a break. And I LOVE it!! He looks forward to her and Danny is so alert and vocal for her. I've seen him light up around her....I can see positive things between these two. What a great team of nurses Danny has, we are so blessed.
I was at school this last week to pick up Avrianna for an Orthodontist appt and happened to see this on the wall. I can so see her as a Nurse or some part of the Medical field...she's getting into all of that kind of stuff now. Too Cute!!Avrianna is ending her 1st phase of the Orthodontist. She was alil disappointed that she has to have one more month with the braces on, but she knows it's almost over with. Then onto an upper retainer. She will be having phase 2 done on the lower level but she'll have to wait a little longer before we start that.
Here's my AWESOME swimmer with her BIGGEST fan ~ at the Wausau swim meet last weekend. She did FANTASTIC improving on her times and her stroke etiquette is impressive.
Some of our silly swimmers :) What a great group of kids!!
She understands that ALL her practicing through the week has helped with her meet results, but with that being said she's reaching her limit. It's been a LONG season and she's worked very hard but I think she's burning out. She LOVES to swim!! So to keep the "spark" we are starting to dwindle down and give her some down time. It's been becoming a constant quarrel to get her to go to practice as when there, it's swim up n down in the pool for 1.25 hours straight. She does great but it needs to be "fun" too for a 9 year old and really it's not "fun" it's hard work. She's going to try something different the next couple months ~ to join a Diving team. We'll see how that pans out.
My treat to myself!! My first pair of Dansko's ~ I love them. The way they look, feel, and the statements. Gives me a lil pick me up :) This is their 20th anniversary edition and I fell in LOVE with them. Thanks to Keren for sparking my interest in these :)
It's been a crazy few weeks for me too. This last Monday I was able to go out with some of my support group moms for a few drinks before our meeting. I haven't been able to attend the meeting for a VERY long time. It was GREAT seeing them and be able to just ......... get out to unwind.
I'm starting to get why people just SNAP. I'm not sure how much more I can take on, the kids are enough to keep me busy and on my toes, but now I get more. This last month I've found out that in addition to my MS and crappy working thyroid I now have two nodules one on each side floating around in my thyroid. Right now they are just going to "watch" them too see how aggressive they grow. I also had my annual mammogram this week too and NOT to my surprise there was a new mass growing in the right side. Of course it has to be on the right side...the side with the Med port up in my chest, which makes the squishing alil more tricky. I had to go back the next day for more pictures and thankfully what was seen the day before was no longer there on the extra in other words they squished the girls so hard, the day before, it popped ~ lol. Another year until I have to deal with that again :)
One day at a time...right?!? I'm just hoping we can catch our break SOON. This house is going CRAZY!
Thanks for stopping by and checking in on us.

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