Sunday, January 15, 2012

Danny's School Day

Jan 5th Danny went on a "Field trip" to his School, Coolidge Elementary...for the first time :)
Danny even got to see the Principle :) ~ It's was so nice so got to see him. We talk about him to her at the IEP's but she's never met him. Leave it to my kid to go to the Principle's office on the first day, LOL.
Danny with his Teacher's ~ Mrs. Bowers on the left, his CDL teacher who comes out the house to work with him and Mrs Weyenberg the 2nd grade teacher.
No play time for Danny.....they worked him hard. Here he is in the computer lab. Where PT ~Ms Nicole and ST ~ Ms Cathy joined with us
Danny checking out the smart board in his classroom. While he was introduced to his classmates. There are 6 other students in his room.
Even PT ~ Ms Karen came by to see Danny shine in school. She helped him do a project.
TOO Cute ~
The reaction I got after I asked Danny if he liked going to school :)
Visiting the school was great! I really enjoyed seeing Danny's reaction to the unusual surroundings. I really do think he had a good time :) I am so glad we went. It also confirmed that (even if he could) the school setting wouldn't be the right one for him. Not that they aren't doing a great job there, I just don't see Danny thriving there. He can absorb/learn so much more in his one on one that he gets here ALL DAY at home.

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