Monday, November 21, 2011

What we've been up too

Sorry I've been slacking on the blog entries......
Danny's cultures finally grew back moderate staph and 2 strains of Psuedomonas. But the results didn't come soon enough to wait it out before putting him on antibiotics as he was getting more uncomfortable and unstable. We went into see Dr Kasper, as Danny was continuing to get ickier, to do more tests and xrays. Once we (Gail) were able to access the med port to run labs we were off to Xrays to check out his lungs seeing he was hanging on the vent longer in the mornings. The xrays looked good to me, but Dr K kept studying them....hmmmm? After a second round of xrays, he told me what he was looking at. Danny's rods seem to be sitting NOT properly on his pelvis. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Once again, it seems as if, my son is growing like a weed and there is now a very large gap from the rod to his pelvis. Which is amazing to us on how the rods are still attached, sigh. I'm hoping that the issue is only because he's grown and there is nothing more concerning going on. His xrays were sent down to Dr Tassone and Danny is now scheduled for surgery tomorrow am for a rod lengthening. I will know more tomorrow after surgery as to why this has happened. Good thing is Danny is due for a rod lengthening anyways, right? It's a good thing is is going in, as this last weekend was a tough one for Danny on pain. Not only did we find out the rods were/are an issue Dr Kasper found out another issue Danny was having. I think Dr K should have a degree in investigation he also (by mistake) found that Danny has been lacking zinc in his diet. Which potentially could be the cause of Danny's nail & GI issues. We are still waiting for some of the stool labs to come back to see if he has Crohn's or Colitis as his Protein loosing numbers were high, but I'm hoping it's just because he has not had zinc in his diet along with his latest bought of illness. We'll see ~
Here's my Lil Man chillaxing on the couch with Gail. Gail where is your lap? ~ LOL
This last weekend Avrianna had a great swim meet in Oshkosh.
She improved her times 7 out of 8 of her events. Here is the start of her "Best Time" tattoos :) her arm was FULL of them by the end of the Event.
I am SO PROUD of her :)
At the event she was able to meet up with 2 Olympic Swimmers ~ How Cool is that. I told "A" this could be her some day. Sitting in a swim meet encouraging younger swimmers and people wanting her autograph.
Very Exciting he got their autographs on her Swim Backpack :)
I will keep you posted on how tomorrow goes.
Thanks for stopping by to check on us!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, that boy of yours is sure a big guy! I hope the rod lengthening eases his pain. Hopefully the zinc increase helps too. This colitis stuff is the pits, it's definately making Emily miserable! Congrats to A on doing so well in her swimming!