Wednesday, November 9, 2011


What came first The Chicken or The Egg ???
This is what we are figuring out with Danny. His system is all out of whack at the moment....Totally OUT OF WHACK! He's acquired an ear infection, tracheitis/infection, major diarrhea, and his dysautonomia storms are in full swing. Is each one their own issue or are they related? Is one driving the other? It's a heart wrenching process to figure out what is wrong with Danny...Where does it hurt? What can I do? Just breaks my heart knowing that something is ailing him and he can't tell me where it is. So it's up to me to I SPY it as easily and quickly as I can so we can treat him. My favorite is that Danny doesn't follow the "true rule" to things so it makes this Hide n Seek game a little stressful. Then to figure out WHAT issue is THE issue? Are these other ailments because of this main problem or do they need individual attention.
The ENT cultured his trachea yesterday, when we had to drive down to CHOW spare of the moment, because the stoma is swollen, red and draining some blood. No one here wanted to pull out his trache for his trache change as we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get it back in. So while we were down in CHOW the ENT changed it out for us, SO NICE! I'm hoping the culture comes back soon as we're NOT treating the infection until we see what bug grows out. He's already a Pooping machine so to add antibiotics in the mix it better be the right one. We have cultured his watery stools today so we'll get an idea of what going on with his GI system too. Until we figure that out we're holding on his formula because he is just dumping whatever we put in him. Poor Bug :( I hate seeing him uncomfortable. So we'll wait.....impatiently!

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