Thursday, November 3, 2011


The weather and the trees have definitely changed since we left for Florida. Most of the trees are bare of their leaves and it's gotten chilly enough that there has been flurries seen here n there. NOT COOL! That really made it hard to return to Wisconsin weather when the weather in Florida was just perfect!
We got home early Sunday morning and LET the UNPACKING begin. AGAIN!! Making our decision to put the condo for sale .... less packing, unpacking, and cleaning. Let's see ~ we packed up the RV and cleaned the house to leave, then unpacked & cleaned up the RV, to put everything in the Condo after I cleaned it up from sitting empty so long, then we packed everything back up and put it in the RV and cleaned up the condo from living in it. Once home we packed up and cleaned the RV to unpack it all back in the house. I'm done with cleaning and packing! Once we are in the RV more we can pack it up, once we get to where we are going we can bump out the sides and that's IT! I really can't wait!!
Monday it was back to "normal" around here. I took Avrianna Trick R Treating in the evening and boy did she score the Candy, wow. She was Harry Potter this year (I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to be a "Blue Man" next year). We dressed up Danny in camouflage and his chair too :0)"HA HA ~ I SEE YOU BUT YOU CAN'T SEE ME"
Tuesday was a Milwaukee Day for Danny and for myself. First was Trache/Vent clinic for Danny. Lots of chit chatting about Danny and Puff. Danny hasn't been sleeping well at nights so we are trying to figure out if it's Danny being on Puff, his meds are not working well anymore, his dysautonomia (which going NUTS again), or Danny just being Danny. It's never an easy find with him. No Black n White he's ALL GREY! Danny also has a new trache that we are trying, as they Shiley cuffed trache was getting to be a problem. As you remember we needed to go to CHOW the day we left for Florida so the ENT could put in his cuffed trache because we couldn't at home. Then on Sunday during the next trache change I couldn't get the old trache out, YIKES! After 4 tries and alot of prayers it came out, but the stoma did start bleeding alil. He now has a Bivona TTS in which seems to be easier on him but the true test will be when we have to change the trache on Monday. Cross your fingers!! Then we talked about what needs to happen for us to change over to a new Home Medical Equipment supplier. Our old company just wasn't able to support everything Danny needed any longer so despite the relationships we have.....we are moving to a different company.
Once Danny was done we were off to the other side of Milwaukee to do my MS infusion. That went well other then it was LONG due to having to wait an addl 50 minutes to get the medicine made and up to the floor. I am trying to see if I can do my treatment back in the Fox Valley. I will still see the Neurologist in Waukesha every 6 months, but I would like to do my monthly treatments alil closer if I can. I am doing pretty well with my MS, I still have my good days and my bad. But they come n go instead of the bad ones sticking around. This colder weather seems to have chased my energy levels away just like the leaves but I'm hoping I can nip it in the bud and get more......ANYTHING! It's disappointing to look into the future AKA holidays and know there is so much stuff to do when I have no ambition.....NONE. I can't believe I am thinking of Danny's birthday celebrations and Holiday stuff. Bring it ON!!
This weekend is a busy weekend for Avrianna she has a Swim Meet in Howard Suamico both Saturday and Sunday. She needs to be in the water by 7am so it will be early days and early Nights around here. Thankfully it is daylight savings on this weekend and we get to fall behind....we gain an hour, YAY!!
Thanks for stopping by to check in on us! Now that we are up to date :) Hope you all are doing well.

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