Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rod lengthening

What a day so far for us. I woke up at 3:20am, 10 mins before my alarm clock was to go off....what's up with that?? Thankfully I did as I heard the water sloshing around in Danny's vent tubing and then I noticed the "new" heater setting was too high. Which ment Danny's trachea was dry :(. His ts were low and heart rate high, really? Today? Really!?! I went into high gear, well as high gear as one can at 3 in the morning, and started back to back breathing treatments for the next 45 mins. That seemed to help. So we hit the road at 4:30 headed for CHOW. The roads were like ghost towns until about 5:30 and it was like a switch turn on and the roads were alive with vehicles, amazing how many are on the go that early. We got to CHOW and waited awhile as the day surgery was packed! Danny was pretty "upset" with a high BP, red, shaking, and his resp was fast so he was either in pain (I couldn't give him any pain meds) or he was aware of where he was this early in the AM and pissed off. Thankfully the versed helped calm him down :). The nurses were able to access his med port on the first try, which help ease some of my anxiety, phew! They rolled Danny into the OR at 8am and they thought I would be able to see his handsome face again in about 1-1.5 hours. I went down to Cafe West to induldge myself In a Large Minty Mocha, found myself and reasonably comfy couch, and now I sit and wait for the phone to ring at the receptionist's desk and for her to call out "parent for Daniel Osero". Dr Tassone said as long as everything goes well in the OR AND Danny behaves himself the "plan" is we get to go home yet today. How cool would that be we can sleep in. Our own beds tonight.

9:08. - he's DONE and things went great. The rods were grown out another 1.5". OMG, you are going to be so tall!!! He's already waking up and the plain is as long as I think his good ..... WE ARE OUT of here!!! Amazing:). I will keep you posted

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