Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Windy State

We made the forever long trip down to FL. Avrianna had gotten off the bus and right into the RV as we were waiting for her at the bus stop. Once the bus stopped I think all the kids on it went up to the front to see our RV, it is was so cute. Off we went at 2:30 on Friday afternoon and Sunday morning we arrived at our condo door around 10:00am. We had anticiapted to drive all the way through (about 27 hours) but then decided it wasn't worth it. The kids did wonderful, even better then I, heehee. After awhile you feel like we're never going to reach the destination. The weather was great on the way down and we didn't hit much traffic except for in Chicago......I so much dislike Chicago!
The weather has been VERY WINDY n cool since we've gotten here but the rest of the week is looking like great weather. I hope that the wind dies down because every time I attempt to take Danny out once the wind hits his face he panics and freaks out. So we've been hanging indoors since we got here....mind you that's in the stores and resturants not just sitting in the condo, got to love that. None the less it's still wonderful here. Avrianna was nawing at the bit to get in the pool so yesterday she managed to take a dip. I was out of the pool watching her and I froze, she's crazy! I hope we can get Lil Man in the pool alil bit while we are down here but it definitely has to warm up and the wind needs to die down before that will happen. I don't need him getting ill while down here. Plus IF he stays well this will be the first Easter EVER that he will be healthy for, knock on wood quick and cross your fingers.
I really missed my girlfriend and neighbor here, it was so nice to see here once we pulled in. She's a wonderful person! Once we got inside I saw that she got goodies for the kids, us, and even had the refrig stocked with beer n dinner. Not only did she do that for us, she cleaned the condo for me. WOW, I owe her BIG TIME ~ LOVE you Linda!!!!
We don't have much planned other then playing each day by ear while here in Florida. I do have to say not having any obligations during the day is WONDERFUL, no appts, school, piano lessons, therapies, etc. The only real plans is no plans at all, LOL. We are going to go out to eat with the Speech and Physical therapists that Danny used to see when we were down here. I'm telling you the people down here are great ~ I LOVE IT!! We do and see so much while we are down here, as when we are in WI we pretty much are home bodies.
Once back to WI we have alot going on. Many dr appts for follow ups and to get him ready for the BIG surgery in May. Plus getting the outside ready for summer, not to mention redoing some things on the house. It will be so nice to not have contractors over ALL the time.
I am once again having a relapse, not sure what has brought this one on, as my mid back all the way down to my left foot has gone numb. It would come and go last week, but for the last 3 days n nights straight it has constantly been numb. They feel like your lip does after the dentist, tingly and prickly. I still have function of my leg n foot right now, it's just a very weird and unsetttling feeling. I've made a phone call to my Neurologist but I'm not sure there is anything she can do for it plus with me being on vacation I'm sure that doesn't help. We'll see!
Please don't for get to pledge your dontations to support the MS walk and ME! You can go to http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Walk/WIGWalkEvents?px=7614457&pg=personal&fr_id=13753 to get to my personal page or click on the link to the left of the blog page. Thank YOU for your support in helping me raise money to help find a cure for MS. I can only hope I will be able to see it in my life time. The walk is 27 days away!

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