Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking UP

Well things are looking up in the Osero household :) We are ALL healthy (hear me knocking on wood). I have started to pack for Florida so I can only hope that we continue. BUT we have decided to sell our condo in Florida as keeping if for us to stay there 2-4 weeks a year just isn't feasible. Even though we won't have the condo there we'll still stay in that location for our vacations. It's such a nice area!
I can honestly say I am back to "normal" and the relapsing symptoms are in remission, whoohooo. My second round of labs have come back still with borderline hypothyroidism, which explains alot of the other symptoms that's been going on, SO I'm so glad I decided NOT to blame everything that is going on with me on the MS. I need to go in a redo the labs again in three months! It's amazing how great you feel (even when your not 100% yet) when you have felt so yucky for so long. I am going to see the DO doc again tomorrow and I'm looking forward to another back/neck treatment. I got the call today from my neurologist that the brain MRI I had last week does not show any new lesions on my brain. Whoooohooooo, Yeah me!
Danny is doing well, I guess. Unfortunately he has been having issues of pain lately, I can't pinpoint it yet where it's coming from. This is heart breaking for me to see my Lil Man just crying out and I have no idea where it's coming from or why. Today we had our new nurse start today, and she's going to be a great fit for our family :)
Avrianna is loving that the weather is warming up around here and the snow is gone. She is getting outside riding her bike n scooter and roller blading. Which makes it alot quieter in the house, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Talking about houses we were very lucky to found a lovely family for our old house before we even put it on the market. Another thing off of our to do lists. I'm so glad we don't have to worry about maintaining it for the summer. I'm going to miss that house.....I had really hoped that the house would have worked for our family and lifestyle longer. Our house now is getting a big spring clean as we cleaned ALL our linens, blankets, pillows, and with having the window open here in there we are slowly getting the winter blahs out.
Don't forget the MS walk I am participating in the end of April.....please sponsor me and pledge a donation. Every lil bit counts! You can click on the link in the upper left hand of the blog to my personal page. Thanks!

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