Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Osteopathic wonders

I think I've got a good start to MY medical team, weird that I have to have my team now too. WOW is this exhausting, but it feels good to have a start to this process. Yesterday I went to see a D.O. other wise known as an Osteopathic doctor, still stumped? Cuz I was as I had no idea what kind of doctor they were, LOL. With the research I've done and after my appt with the doctor I can tell you that D.O.'s are a cross between a family practitioner, chiropractor, and homeopathic doctor. This doctor I felt REALLY listened to what I had to say and heard all my concerns with this disease and my forever depending lifestyle. I really left there knowing that this doctor is going to be a GREAT fit with how I want to tackle MS and live my lifestyle with more of a natural twist to it. Which is awesome as I don't want to be pumping my body with any more medications that give me out of body feelings. The doctor cracked my back and neck in ways that I was scared to even move and I had thought I'd never be able to move again. I can't imagine any ones body cracking and popping like that without permanent damage, LOL. But I walked out of there hoping for the best and anxiously waiting for positive results. I can honestly say the pain that I had in both my legs that last 4 days is almost gone today :) I can only hope that this is the start of something good for me. Tomorrow I have to repeat my labs as the ones I had I had done last week with my family practice doctor, as I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went in hopes she had some ideas for me, came back showing I have hypothyroidism. My thyroid levels are low and it was followed with low blood sugars. We'll see what tomorrow's labs come out as to see if it's confirmed or not. Now if I could only loss weight like you are suppose to with a hypo thyroid, LOL. Then on Friday I will have my first appt with my new Neurologist, which I've heard only POSITIVE things about her. I'm so excited to meet her and get her "Plan" with helping me. I will have in toe my timeline of the issues and concerns I've had the last month with the MS relapse and the way that the old Neurologist handled things. I can only look forward to a better positive tomorrow :)
The kids are doing phenominal!!!! Only real issues was when Avrianna's face met the snow ice hill this weekend which has left some road rash up her chin and upper lip, thank goodness we don't pictures in the near future, LOL. Avrianna is finished with her swimming and it's a nice change of pace around here to NOT have to go somewhere every day of the week. Danny is happy n healthy which make me alil nervous even bragg'n about it.
We are anxiously awaiting our trip to Florida on spring break, but we are still on reserve as we know all too well how fast some of us may get sick and then plans change once again. BUT lets not dwell on the what if's so we are going to plan like we are going to enjoy the sun and warm weather.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

It's a relief to feel like you are getting things under control and finding someone who will really listen and help you! I am glad to read this update.