Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates....I got another NASTY headache (in addition to the one that has been hanging on over a month) that just got the best of me. It came on Friday night and by Saturday I couldn't get off the couch or see well. Unfortunately, my benefit of the doubt, I called the Neurologist to let them know of the severity of this headache to see if there is anything I could do as all the tricks I knew off weren't working. We'll three days later I called them back with a very disappointing voice mail (as you NEVER get to talk to a human in that office) requesting that the doctor sign over my care to another one that gives a darn about my care. Thankfully he did my request and I will be seeing a new doctor next week. BUT that still leaves me without care with this headache for over a week, UGH. Today I couldn't take it anymore and I went into see my Family Practice doctor in hopes that she would have some words of wisdom for me. She did some blood work to rule out any of the NOT obvious issues and then I got a shot in the bum with some pain reliever. It works alil but I can feel it coming back, grrrrrrrrrrrrr! Well see what the next few days will bring
Avrianna had her last day of swim tonight and for me it's a bitter sweet as it will be nice to have our weekday evening back to ourselves, but I will miss seeing her swim and compete. She continues to do great in school, but we are having some attitude issues lately. Like that isn't going to happen ever again, LOL.
Danny is rocking in therapy and in life in general. He is doing wonderful!
I will try and update more often, sorry :( I know I've been lacking on it. I'm almost done with me New story, I can't wait to share it with you.
Please don't forget to pledge donations for my MS walk in April. We NEED your help in finding a cure to this disease! Please click on the link to the left :)

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