Thursday, February 18, 2010

Head's UP

Had to share........Danny during PT today !!!!!
Tummy Time
He had been enjoying Tummy time more n more lately :)

Woohoo Picking his head up all by himself!!!

He hasn't been able to do this in over a year ~ He's my HERO!!!!!!!!

I'm so PROUD of him!! ((HUGS))

Danny duplicated this about a half a dozen times in a matter of 30 minutes. In addition to holding it up for a peroid of time :)
Thanks to Avrianna the photographer as she took better pics then I did :) I LOVE my KIDS !!!!!


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

you have been very much on my heart. my aunt also has ms and so i know what an incredible hero you are for enduring the hardships that come with it while still being a wonderful wife and mom. my love and prayers are with you...

cateeters said...

Way to go Danny!! That is great to hear how well he is going.